Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Health Kick

There's a distinctly healthy note to this blog post, courtesy of two blog readers who have been in touch to let me know about pilates and slimming classes they are organising locally. 

Blog reader and Worcester Park resident Sarah has e-mailed me to let me know about a new pre-natal pilates class that she will be holding in the Christchurch with St Philips church hall at the top of Central Road in September (she will also start a beginner Pilates Class in January next year).

Her new website has been launched at www.svpilates.com.

Sarah writes: "There is no Pilates class available in the Worcester Park are at the moment, so I hope to get a good response and at the same time, meet some similar minded people, which is always nice."

Meanwhile, Luciana has contacted me about her Slimming World classes that she holds at Malden Parochial School on The Manor Drive, Worcester Park every Wednesday at 7.30pm.

Luciana tells me:

"I never had a problem with my weight until I saw a picture of myself holding my beautiful new born twin nephews in Oct 2009. I always say that what a person looks like on the outside does not dictate who they are on the inside and I still stand by that.

But, I hadn't realised just how big I had got and was scared that I would start to get health issues because of the extra weight I was carrying. I have to date lost just over 11st and have learnt that small changes can make a massive difference.

If anyone would like to lose weight, learn how to keep it off and hopefully make new friends come along to the group. You will be greeted with enthusiasm and we can all support each other when things are going well and also when they are not going so well."

For more details contact Luciana Velli on 020 8330 6601.

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axlrocky said...

"The Manor Drive" - this is in danger of becoming the Old Malden Blog! (this is a joke before people start getting irate!)

Kat said...

I attend Luciana's slimming group & it's the best thing I've ever chosen to do. The "diet" is easy to follow and you never go hungry. Also Luciana is a fab leader, so friendly and funny whilst inspiring us all. Great group of people and some new friends!

Old moldy said...

Is slimming world suitable for vegetarians Kat????? Yeah, I know an overweight vegetarian.... not many of us about

Anonymous said...

My mum has been going to a Pilates class at the library for years now, so I don't know about "there is no Pilates class available in the Worcester Park area"!

Luciana said...

Hi Everyone, can I firstly say thx to Kat for the lovely comment. I didn't even have to pay her to write it lol Also Old Mouldy the plan is great for vegetarians and I have a great booklet that u can have when u join up. Its also the only plan u can do when ur pregnant which is great. If u want any further info feel free to call me on 0208 330 6601 or 07403348686 xx

Sarah V said...

Hi there,

There is indeed a Pilates Class at the library but only on a Wednesday morning at 10AM, but this is not a time that is suitable for people who work 9 to 5 during the week.

Just wanted to clarify that :-)

Kind regards,

Sarah Vrancken. (SV Pilates)

Luciana said...

Quick correction to my previous comment I must stop doing 2 things at the same time lol. The leaflet I mentioned was relating to diabetes which I was talking to a member (and therefore, silly me, wrote it in the comment)about as the plan is great for people that do have diabetes. U know what I can't think of any medical condition that anyone could have that would stop them following the Slimming World plan because its not a diet, its a healthy eating plan. See there is no excuse not to join lol See u all in group xxx

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