Friday, 19 August 2011

Paul Burstow Responds

The MP for Sutton & Cheam, Paul Burstow, has written exclusively for The Worcester Park Blog to respond to readers' concerns about the length of time being taken to complete the water mains replacement works in Central Road. 

Blog readers have criticised the slow progress of the current round of water mains replacement works, which are not due for completion until March 2012. Sutton & East Surrey water, whose contractors are carrying out the works, have rejected a suggestion from one local business that working times on site should be extended during the summer months to take advantage of the the lower traffic volumes and longer daylight hours.

Mr Burstow writes:

"I’m sure you remember the large notices erected at the end of the last year in the approach roads to Central Road, warning of a lengthy programme of necessary works which various utilities companies needed to complete to improve the services running under this road. 

Your local Lib Dem councillors and I were alarmed to discover that if all works were to be completed independently of each other, there would be continuous road works for 18 months! Obviously, works of this length of time were something to be avoided as much as possible. However, by ensuring good co-ordination between contractors so as much work as possible occurred simultaneously, this was cut to about 10 months.

Once the replacement of parts of the gas main was completed, it was felt that residents should be given a rest from the problems, and a chance of normality for a period of time. However, now the summer school holidays have hit – meaning that traffic is at its lightest - it makes sense to re-start the programme. 

The work to ensure the safe and effective delivery of our gas and water supply is essential. Burst water mains are even more disruptive than this work and by their nature unpredictable - and ruptured gas mains are even worse to contemplate. 

I realise that this seems to be a problem without end, but I’m afraid that this is a necessary exercise to ensure the smooth-running of services – which could have progressed for almost double the length of time it will.

The scale of the works being undertaken is immense, and the time needed to accomplish each phase is, understandably, substantial. The required works include:
  • Replacing 919m of water mains – to take 80 days
  • Making 118 service connections – to take 78 days
  • Making 12 connections to joining mains in side roads – to take 24 days
  • Cleaning and sterilising the pipework by carrying out two chlorination procedures – to take 40 days
  • Carrying out two flushing procedures to flush out the chlorination chemicals – to take 14 days
I have been assured that the working area will be kept as small as practical, in an attempt to minimise the disturbance. The work by local councillors and others has meant that this process is as short as possible, and they continue to press to ensure that the work progresses as swiftly as possible.

At the end of these works, local residents will have the benefit of confidence in their water, gas and electric services, knowing that they are up to date and recently improved.

I will be sending out regular updates about the ongoing work and other issues which affect residents. If you would like to receive these, or if I can be of any other assistance, please email me at "

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Anonymous said...


Peoples Front of Buckland Way said...

I would like to ask if it is anticipated that the temporary traffic lights are to stay for the duration of the works after the installation of the main pipework in the carriageway in Central Road or will the remaining works such as 'service connections' be moved to the pavements, thus allowing removal of the temporary traffic lights and allowing traffic to flow freely and cut down on congestion.

Also, will the whole of Central Road need to be fully resurfaced after the works, thus leading to further issues after next March's proposed completion prior to another utility company coming along a few weeks later and digging it all up again..

axlrocky said...

Well done Paul - dont leave it so long next time - Wp Blog readers love to hear that you still care about us out of election years aswell!

axlrocky said...

Can the right honorable gentleman give us an update on the situation regarding "Bank Chambers" in Green Lane, I would be most interested on his take on the site.

Anonymous said...

What he doesn't mention in this staggeringly apathetic piece (which could have come straight from the mouth of a water company spokesman), is that the work would take many fewer 'days' to complete if the water company used more personnel.

He seems to have just accepted the word of the water company without questioning why it should take so long, and patronisingly suggests that we should be happy with 10 months of delays!

He is merely conveying to us what the water company has said to him, and has done a good job as their unofficial representative and spokesman.

axlrocky said...

lets not all jump on his back - we have his attention so now lets use it for some good - hopefully if we all ask the right questions we may get some straight answers, if we dont then I permit all to give him the treatment!

Anonymous said...

To axlrocky,

I don't really think we should all have to feel hugely grateful for having the attention of our local MP, that is sycophantic in itself.

It is his duty as our elected-representative to listen, whether it is pleasant or not, and whether it is convenient or not to question the water company's activities..

axlrocky said...

read between the lines people - regular readers will know my opinions on the local lib dem militia. I am however much more inclined to have them on here talking to us in public forum than hiding behind private emails. That was my point. If I have to be nice to do it then that's the price you pay.

Also - if your gonna critisize me have the balls to put a name to it, people who use the anon moniker are cowards, have the courage of your convictions.

Anonymous said...

'Our' MP starts by remonstrating patronisingly with us:

"I’m sure you remember the large notices erected at the end of the last year in the approach roads to Central Road"

As soon as I saw the silly word 'large' I need read no further: I knew which way the wind would blow with this one.

I totally agree with Anonymous 5.37pm.

Anonymous said...

axlrocky said...
Well done Paul - dont leave it so long next time - Wp Blog readers love to hear that you still care about us out of election years aswell!

axlrocky, are you a Libdem voter (or even more) perhaps?

Rick said...

Ref. Bank Chambers: Good idea, axlrocky!

If as Council/local Lib Dem representatives have previously reassured us, a change of use is required to for legal compliance, can we also have an assurance that the council fulfils its duty to rigorously enforce all such change of use requirements?

Would our MP agree that pursuing a change of use without the prior submission of a successful application for one would represent an action that is unquestionably illegal?

And please advise what formal action(s) would fall to Sutton Council and be swiftly undertaken, given this scenario?

Could a council representative or our MP (since our councillors are seemingly far, far too busy updating their on-line progress reports and deleting residents’ enquiries) explain how the legal requirement for a change of use has seemingly been waived for this building?

axlrocky said...

hear hear Rick, we await response

Anonymous said...

Question for Mr.Burstow....Why are they not working at the weekends? Thereby reducing the length of delays by two months.

They are still holding up the traffic at weekends, but not even doing any work...

Could it be that working at weekends would eat too much into their profits, but instead prefer to keep us all held up for a further two months than is actually necessary.

Anonymous said...

I live very close to Bank Chambers and walked past early evening on Sunday 14th August. There were approx 5 men inside the front room of the building several in smart clothes and one in the full long white robe. One of the men seemed to be gesturing with his arm as if he was showing the others the building. I am not racist but I do not like any religion and do not want it on my doorstep. We have lived here for a very long time so if they had applied for planning permission to change the usage to a mosque then we would have had a letter but have not! This really isn't the right place for a mosque and not fair on local residents if that really is what they are thinking of doing! If Rick or Axlrocky know more then please let us know.


Rick said...

Thank you, Pam, for sharing your observations. Perhaps other residents have noted incidents occurring at Bank Chambers, which strongly suggest a change of use has been pursued?

It would be very useful if they too could share their experiences here, with dates and times, to help Mr. Burstow and/or other Council representatives with their fact-finding research.

If a number of similar experiences result, it will become rather difficult for any local, elected representative or representative of Sutton Council to retain any credibility and insist that the use of Bank Chambers is unchanged or that it’s simply not in use.

I think it more likely that residents will continue to be ignored and at some point in the future, we’ll learn that a change of use has already been authorised.

Perhaps we’ll be told it was approved because not a single local resident raised any objection, at a preceding public meeting? … A public meeting, which due to a widespread administrative error, only highly favourable residents, somehow, regrettably, were informed about and invited to.

axlrocky said...

In answer to earlier anon - no im not an effin lib dem voter! Far from it in fact. For those who care I was a long time memeber of the conservative party but tore my memebership up when we jumped into bed with the lib dems. I have since left the party and joined the labour party as I was welcomed into their fold with open arms. I am still reconciling myself as not really a leftie or socialist but I prefer a party that has at least a shred of principal rather than one that has a leader who will jump in to bed with the first taker just so he can be leader. Cameron is a disgrace to British politics and the Lib Dems are worth for teaming up with him against all their beliefs and principals.

axlrocky said...

In answer to Pam and Rick I also have seen large groups of around 3-6 men outside Bank chambers with measuring instruments and building plans at around 7:30pm. Similar to your viewing, all of middle eastern descent and some in suits and some in traditional religious dress.

We shouldn't jump to conclusions as they may just be builders but I have seen them on 3 seperate occasions. That corner of Green Lane also has just had a renovation - coincidence?

I guess Stephen Fenwick and Paul Burstow will let us know.

I simply dont know the planning rules on change of usage, I would guess that they are written in acient sanskrit and kept in secret scrolls in the Sutton council catacombs, maybe again the Fenwick and the Burstow can enlighten us?

Anonymous said...

I too completely disagree with a mosque!!!!!!!!! OUTRAGEOUS and not suited to the area at all - it will only lead to trouble I'm afraid However how have we not been told about this....or is it yet another of Suttons F...-ups! And why do we ahve MPs that don't keep us informed?

axlrocky said...

according to his website Lord Paul of Burstow is holding an open surgery at Worcester Park Library between 2pm and 4pm - I am unfortunately away but maybe a few likeminded WP folk could descend upon this open session - ask a few searching questions and then report back for the group?

WP Blogger - maybe you could do a live blog!

Andy said...

Might not necessarily be a change of use!

And if they don't force you to use a stupid chippy pinny thing for online banking, I'm there!!

Anonymous said...

who can get there at that time when you are working to pay for all the bills for the illegal immigrants and benefit scroungers!!!!

Anonymous said...

Strange how a thread about the current disruptive roadworks is turned into one about a possible Mosque that hasn't even been built yet.

Just shows how misdirected and twisted many peoples' obsessions are.

Jeff said...

Anonymous - it seems that whatever new threads our long suffering WP Blogmaster posts, before long everybody ends up discussing the mythical mosque in Green Lane.

Jeff said...

Only 8 days until they close Green Lane again! Am I the only person in WP who's read the notices on the lamp posts in Green Lane saying that it's going to be closed for up to 6 months (with the option to make closures for another year) from July 2nd 2012? The closure will occur between numbers forty-something and sixty-something Green Lane whilst major flood prevention works begin on Beverley Brook which runs parallel with Green Lane.

So before long Longfellow Road will once again be carrying more traffic than the M25 in the rush hour.

Roll on the Worcester Park bypass which was supposed to go from the Lower Morden roundabout to South Lane, Old Malden, (the ramp is already built at the bottom of Green Lane to take it over the railway line) but was cancelled due to the Second World War.

Chloe_yates said...

nice to see Sutton Council being pro-active in letting non-green lane WP residents know - traffic order can be found on the website though with a bit of hunting , traffic order number T11173/S60

Tessamaria said...

Is said ramp situated at the start of kingshill avenue??

Jeff said...

Yes, Tessamaria, the grass covered ramp for the Worcester Park bypass is at the start of Kingshill Avenue (or the end of Pembury Avenue however you look at it).

BenjyP said...

Is this the area that kids play on, sort of looks like a field?

john said...

worcester park mosque plans submitted!!

john said...

Worcester Park Mosque plans submitted !

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