Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Cowboy Builders - Worcester Park

Back in April I brought you news that Dom Littlewood from Channel 5's Cowboy Builders was in Worcester Park, coming to the rescue of homeowners in Hampton Road.

The team had arrived in Worcester Park to help the Marr family who, having paid out £23,000 for a kitchen extension, were left in the lurch when their builders disappeared leaving just foundations, a floor and two walls.

The builders (and Melinda Messenger) moved in at the end of April and you can now see the Worcester Park episode of Cowboy Builders this Thursday (25th August) at 9pm on Channel 5.

Will it be a heart wrenching tale of woe? Will they run out of money and have to go and beg local businesses for help? Will it all end happily ever after? Of cousre it will. It's telly, after all.

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axlrocky said...

Do they name and shame the builder I wonder?

Ian Morris said...

He is a short fat guy called Christian but I can't remember the name of his building company.

cave said...

£23,000 on a kitchen?!
That's more than I earn in a year!
Hard to feel sorry for people with that much money to burn!!

Captain America said...


Ah yes, £23k is more than you earn in a year therefore somebody else deserves to get ripped off, is that it? How very decent of you.

Perhaps they saved it over several years. Or perhaps they took out a loan/extended their mortgage. And even if they did just have it 'lying around', last time I checked that was still no reason for some cowboy idiot to come along and rip them off.

Anonymous said...

Check the guy Asad Ahmed on Facebook and on the internet!!! He's still conning people in and around Bromley. Put this bastard behind bars I say!!!! That will give him some right publicity lol

Riaz said...

I know someone who has had a very bad experience with these cowboy builders. They do not earn loads of money and saved for years to build their dream extension. Then these scum bags turned up - Asad Ahmed & Chrisitan Lordan they first operated under First 4 Renovations, more recently Premier Extensions and now have closed this and I imagine will resurface under some other banner and continue to rob and ruin lives.

The family in question were left with a half built dangerous extension and no money - and they definately didn't desrve this !

We have a duty to alert as many people as possible to these crooks and protect innocent victims from suffering the fate many others have to date. I cannot beleive how the law can allow such rogues to operate ...

Fleur said...

I don't think the legal system takes this sort of crime seriously enough. After all it is fraud when you illegally obtain money for services you do not/have no intention of providing. I can never understand why, when tracked down, these cowboy builders are not given custodial sentences and any possessions worth anything are not sold and the proceeds given as compensation to their victims. It goes without saying hat the above builders are probably already operating under a new name and bringing further misery in their wake. Maybe their faces and details should be displayed on large hoardings in and around the areas they operate in.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should put pressure on Bromley Police to investigate this pair of scumbags. What they did is complete fraud; obtaining money by deception.

Personally I am in disbelief that this pair still have their liberty and why have local newspapers picked up this story???

Robert said...

I agree with Fleur, the Law doesn't take this sort of crime seriously, it is theft. Why are they still conning people? They have stolen hundreds of thousands pounds from people, and they are still at it! You take them to Court, and then nothing happens, the CCJ in not enforced. Is there any way we could get together and talk to the police? Talk to our MP? Do something? Does anyone know what the name of their company is now?
The worst thing was Asad's arrogance during the programme, blowing smoke in Dom's face, he knew that they couldn't touch him.
Let's try and change things!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone pick up on the fact that the contrct was £36k, the family paid £23k, leaving £16k to finish the job? Which Melinda's team of 3 builders completed in 8 days. Being a builder, i know that the materials left to finish that job would only have been £5k at the most. The 3 builders @ £100 per day for 8 days woud be £2.4k... Total completion cost £7.4k... No wonder the TV program bought them knew sofas, furniture and a garden... The family probably still had a few thousand change too! Think they came out quite well. Anyways, made a good program for you easily led £believe anything in the press" people!

anonoymous said...

your an IDIOT  !!!   36k  minus 23k  is 13k!!!  not  £16k Loser

anonymouse said...

Ha- good joke. As if anyone would be stupid enough to be so rude about someone else's mistake whilst making such basic errors as "your" instead of "you're" and mispelling anonymous.   

Doh! said...

You don't know the difference between the words your and you're.
You don't know when and when not to use a capital letter.
You don’t have any idea about the use of punctuation.
You seriously believe a builder's estimate is accurate.
At least the builder can spell the word 'anonymous'!
And you can't, even when it's written in front of you!
Perhaps you need to re-evaluate the identity of the idiot and the loser?

Memosamus said...

Short fat guy - Christian Lordan
Tall sleazy gang leader - Asad Ahmed
3rd part of the con team - Ali Aluda

They've resurfaced under the banner of Home Dynamics Ltd, with registered ofice near Liverpool Street, London. spread the word to avoid this compan and these scumbags  

Memosamus said...

They've reappeared as Home Dynamics Ltd based with registered office in Liverpool Street, Lonodn - BEWARE, seems lilke these guys need another outing on Cowboy Builders before they see the light !  

Jinty said...

To Anonymous:
The builder left the family high and dry with a mess that someone else had to sort out. They had a contract which they should have honoured and it is absolutely disgusting and these so-called builders have got away with this. Tthey should be in jail for theft of the money.
This family didn't "come out quite well" you idiot, they paid the money for what they should have got in the first place, a decently built extension!!!!!!!!
You probably work or know these people to print such a ridiculous set of comments. Anonymous, how fitting a name!

Nelly said...

Great job guys, I wish the French law allowed a team like yours to actually show those gangsters faces in the light, which isn't the case unfortunately... Methinks the best reward must be, notwithstanding the catch, the families faces smiling like they're reborn! Carry on, we're watching you accurately abroad.

Nelly said...

So according to you it's all fake? As far as the people spending £so much on a kitchen, where's the problem is they fancy spending all that they've got on this one particular spot? They might very well agree to be seated on a rotten sofa as long as they have a luxury kitchen, and so what?
(bu the bys: I loved the "knew" sofas, or do you mean psychic sofas? Just wander what the extend of a sofa's knowledge can actually be! Tehe!)

Nelly said...

He'll be another of those who can't count, and end up robbing the customer's money by mistake... Oops!

Nelly said...

Ahahah, how can they carry on working after all that? The whole world knows their names, and faces??
Besides haven't they robbed enough money to make it to the Carribean by now? They've got to be retarded to be so insistant! (Pray God the Almighty they don't cross the Channel to rob all the Brits who bought a property to renovate over here!)

Nelly said...

Adding to this: it's the British government's JOB to stop them, correct me if I am wrong!!

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