Sunday, 7 August 2011

Comedy Of Errors

Unfortunately for them, by the time that the Sutton Guardian decided they wanted to run a piece on the bizarre and misspelled roadworks signs in Worcester Park that I blogged about nearly a fortnight ago, contractors had corrected their own mistakes leaving nothing for the newpaper's photographers to capture.

Fortunately, the Sutton Guardian asked nicely if they could use my photograph and I agreed, so long as they credited the Worcester Park Blog.

You can see the resulting article and my photo here on their website (can you spot the photo credit for the Worcester Park Blog? No, me neither).

The real revelation in their article, however, is that Bill Bailey apparently commutes from Cheam to Worcester Park every day.


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Cubinoid said...

Yup, I saw the is there now!

Huey said...

I see your credit is up now (always nice to be recognised).

BTW, who is credited with the photo of Mr Bailey that you have used?

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