Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Worcester Park Bog?

I feel I should apologise (again) for the lack of posts recently. You see it isn't for want of interesting and exciting things happening in Worcester Park, but purely down to the chronic lack of free time on my part to sit down and put fingers to keyboard.

In fact to remedy this problem I am seriously considering putting Internet access into the 'smallest room' in the house so I can put those otherwise idle sedantary moments to better use.

Quite whether my readers can stomach the musings from 'The Worcester Park Bog' is an altogether different matter.

Having reassured you that I am sat on the sofa in one of the larger rooms of the house as I type this, I turn to what has been going on in Worcester Park in recent days.

The former CAZBAR premises opened its doors on Friday night as 'Centrals Bar' - as I wandered past it the bouncers were bouncing outside the door and the drinkers drinkning inside but I didn't get the chance to venture in, so if you have tried out Worcester Park's newest venue then be sure to add your thoughts on it using the comments form below.

Meanwhile, it's slightly old news now but we have yet another hairdressers in our midst - the latest has opened in the old 'Flower Parade' premises at the top of Central Road (near More Than Lofts).

I have lost track of the number of hair cutting emporia that we now have in Worcester Park and don't have the time to count them all up.

If somebody could do the maths and let me know that would be greatly appreciated. Must go now - I need the toilet....