Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A Sign Of Stupidity

So the roadworks have begun. One day down, seven long months to go. 

Fortunately, Sutton's finest brains have been put to work on the masterplan for ensuring that Worcester Park is unaffected by all these works. 

Starting in Longfellow Road, where Sutton Council has banned parking in an area where no parking has ever been allowed. Parking has been 'suspended' and cones have been placed across a stretch of private driveways in the street. Blog reader Longperson observed:

"Only Sutton council would go to the trouble of putting signs and cones up announcing that parking was temporarily banned on a stretch of pavement where parking has never been allowed in the first place!"

The on to Central Road, where signs have helpfully been placed announcing that left turns into Longfellow Road are prohibited, to the fury of Longperson:

"Longfellow Road is a one way street, so left turns from Central Road have never been allowed anyway. Genius. Another pointless roadworks sign!"

And finally, those residents of Lynwood Drive have not only had their road closed off for a week or so, but have had it renamed 'Linewood Drive'.

Is this a sign of things to come?