Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A Sign Of Stupidity

So the roadworks have begun. One day down, seven long months to go. 

Fortunately, Sutton's finest brains have been put to work on the masterplan for ensuring that Worcester Park is unaffected by all these works. 

Starting in Longfellow Road, where Sutton Council has banned parking in an area where no parking has ever been allowed. Parking has been 'suspended' and cones have been placed across a stretch of private driveways in the street. Blog reader Longperson observed:

"Only Sutton council would go to the trouble of putting signs and cones up announcing that parking was temporarily banned on a stretch of pavement where parking has never been allowed in the first place!"

The on to Central Road, where signs have helpfully been placed announcing that left turns into Longfellow Road are prohibited, to the fury of Longperson:

"Longfellow Road is a one way street, so left turns from Central Road have never been allowed anyway. Genius. Another pointless roadworks sign!"

And finally, those residents of Lynwood Drive have not only had their road closed off for a week or so, but have had it renamed 'Linewood Drive'.

Is this a sign of things to come? 

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Dick Shunary said...


Not the first time.

Anonymous said...

Made exactly the same comments last night with my husband lol The bit that's 2 way on Longfellow.....how are people suppose to turn their car around when parking is allowed on both sides on that section????? Glad I'm not leaving on Longfellow otherwise I can see my car becoming a wreck :(

Anonymous said...

total joke. and cars are still driving down Longfellow to park for the day whilst they go to the station to work!!!!!!!! How do the organisers of the roadworks keep their jobs?

BenjyP said...

Awesome work Sutton, took the missus an hour and a half to get home from Kingston during school holidays. This morning at 7.15 the traffic in Green lane was queued back to Lincoln Road. Hooray for the next year

Anonymous said...

I dread the school runs in September :'( If only we were given a school nearby but no....2 miles away from home...of course....bunch of retards!!!!!

the curse of living off green lane said...

why do they only think of the main roads, not the side roads and the effect that the people avoiding the main queue then stuff up the side roads and the local bus holds up the traffic even more. so no chance of actually getting to work on time even leaving 30 mins earlier than in school time. Lets see what September brings!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have lived in WP most of my life (parents still there) but am now in Orpington. Popped down yesterday to do the rounds, seeing friends & family etc, however I spent most of my time in the car. It was horrendous. Not only is WP high street a complete shambles, Cheam Village has road works and temporary lights, the A217 has lanes closed for road works and West Street in Carshalton was also closed. What the hell is going on??? Not one road work in sight in Kent in the 2 years I've lived there. Is it just Sutton/Epsom councils that have retards working there?

Surely a head has to roll over all of this at some point...??

Collette said...

I love the signs that said 'Business Open As Usual', all you need to do is get rid of the 'open' and you've have 'business as usual' in Worcester Park!

Anonymous said...

I've found it very difficult to get across the street with this construction. They've made one of the crosswalks impassable, and drivers are being very rude to anyone even trying to cross using the other crosswalks when they are waiting for the single-lane light to change. I did see some human kindness: the man who runs the fruiterers helped an elderly woman cross who was clearly intimidated by the crazy traffic.

Anonymous said...

Thank god my husband bought me a bike a few months ago! Pedal power is the way forward.......

Anonymous said...

Hamptons development putting more stress on the infrastructure..???

Edward said...

Sorry to post completely off-topic, but what's happened to Megabyte computers? I was sorry to see them go as they were pretty good! (I did always wonder why they needed retail premises, though - most of their work was repair, which can be done in a back room somewhere.)

Peter Longfellow said...

Maybe if we understood what they were actually doing, we could all volunteer to assist in weekends and evenings to get the job done. As clearly the Water company will only be putting a couple of lads on the job over the next year.

I feel a revolt comming on. I fel like kicking the traffci lights and fences downaa as a protest to get the cars flowing during peak hours.

Anonymous said...

Peter Longfellow,
The water company can more than afford to use more workers but choose to save money at our expense and prolong the misery. It is really up to the Council and MPs to get on top of them and demand that they work intensively to get it done quickly or else face big fines. If they thought they would lose out financially in a big way, they would make damned sure that they used more workers.

axlrocky said...

Love it Peter - can I steal the Digger - Ive always wanted one of those.

Miz said...

I love the fact that they didn't bother to sync the two sets of lights before and after the works so you get stuck half way through the works waiting for green light in front of Midas Touch.


Anonymous said...

What about the Yellow box junction at Green Lane still idiots block the exit from Green Lane

Magic Dragon said...

Re the large yellow "Business As Usual" sign at North Cheam - someone's having a joke (although the continuous log jam at Worcester Park is no longer funny). Never mind not being able to get to the shops/station/work etc, businesses seem to be suffering too - on Saturday it was deserted - perhaps we will see more shops closing? Someone really should take charge of this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Could readers please help me resolve an ongoing problem with the S3 bus by contacting TFL/Sutton council/our councillors?

All drivers used to stop on Green Lane (bus towards Sutton) for passengers and many people who use this service are elderly/disabled.

Currently the service is practically useless for shoppers in Worcester Park - the nearest bus stop to the high road is beyond the station towards New Malden.

The only drivers who now stop on Green Lane are those who have been driving the S3 for years - the familiar faces who recognise me and other regular users.

The new drivers just sail past. I have a young son and I have no option but to use public transport because of my disability. Not being able to get home when I feel unwell could prove very dangerous.

Today, I got a taxi home from Worcester Park station.

I'm afraid the tick box mentality is to blame. No commonsense is employed. The new drivers/Sutton council have said in the past that the S3 cannot stop on Green Lane because of double yellow lines.

In order to make this service usable to shoppers in Worcester Park, please ask the authorities to install a bus stop on this road at the point where the pleasant bus drivers stop. The drivers with commonsense.

Yes, I know the majority of bloggers on this site probably hate the S3 bus - but think of those who have no option but to use it. You may have to use it one day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon,

I agree that the S3 should stop near to the shops and will be happy to write an email. I believe that Green Lane is a hail and ride section of the route- i.e. no formal bus stops but the passenger can request pick up and drop off at suitable locations. But you need to be proactive and put your hand out on a hail and ride section as they won't stop if you're just standing there- I assume that you are doing this and they're still ignoring you? I don't know if they are prevented from picking up on yellow lines but I would be very surprised if this was the case as the Council are not likely to want to enforce parking restrictions against a bus. If they can't stop on Green Lane double yellows then it shouldn't really be a hail and ride route and they should take out some parking and put in proper bus stops. You should maybe double check with Sutton Council that they don't prevent buses stopping on double yellow lines but beyond that the Council won't be able to help so you really need to complain to TfL/London buses at:

Consultation and Engagement Centre
Transport for London
Surface Transport Communications
11th floor, Zone G2, Palestra
197 Blackfriars Road
London SE1 8NJ

email STEngagement@tfl.gov.uk

Hope this helps

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. If the situation remains, the shopkeepers on the high road will lose out on business to Sainsburys. The S3 is a popular service.

I've emailed that address you gave me and also contacted two councillors (got a reply from Stuart G-B). I was particularly stressed out about the experience because of my epilepsy, the heat and my young son, hence why I paid £5 for a taxi home rather than wait at the stop beyond the station towards New Malden after the driver refused to stop on Green Lane.

On Green Lane, I did clearly indicate with my hand and the young bus driver - who I've never seen before - smirked at me. The regular bus drivers, who are always friendly, stop on Green Lane (both directions) near the shops.

I did bring the issue up with a new driver when he refused to stop close to the Life Centre. He refused to stop on Sutton Common Road before the junction with Reigate Avenue, saying that he'd be stopping too close to a major road and contravening his code of conduct/drivers' rules.

I stayed on the bus all the way home because the next stop would not have made for a pleasant/safe walk to the Life Centre with a pushchair.

I asked him about Green Lane and why some drivers weren't stopping (Sutton direction). He said drivers had been told off by their bosses for stopping on double yellow lines.

The problem with removing the double yellow lines is that commuters will park there. There needs to be a bus stop - or the drivers need to be told they have to stop there regardless of the lines - slightly further on from the benches. The benches are needed for elderly people waiting for the S3.

I asked one of the usual drivers about the situation. He said that some drivers refused to stop because of the double yellow lines and the closeness to the high road. Getting the bus further down Green Lane on that side is impractical - tight corners, etc.

I did contact Sutton council, to be told drivers of hail-and-rides cannot stop on double yellow lines.

As always, some commonsense needs to be applied. A walk from Green Lane for anyone on Dorchester Road, for example, is not easy with shopping because it is all uphill. It is not easy in the heat.

I appreciate it can't be easy for the drivers - waiting a long time for the traffic lights to change only to have to stop again; the roadworks; trying to negotiate parked cars; the hot weather.

But it isn't easy for many passengers - who would drive if able to. I saw two instances recently of elderly drivers being yelled at (abuse) because of their difficulty negotiating the roadworks on the high road.

Dave Coaches said...

I actually can't see a reason why, when Green Lane was being dug up earlier in the year and new paving/curbing installed, that they couldn't just add a bus stop. One could have been inset into the paved area on both sides so buses could pull in and allow the flow of traffic around it.

But no one seems to think of these things.

Anonymous said...

I reckon we should not have to pay rates all the time Sutton Council allow these works

Anonymous said...

Everyone is missing the point ,Sutton Council does not care about Worcester Park.It would prefer it closed as a shopping centre so that all your shopping was done in Sutton Centre!!! Hence these poor excuses for "co-ordinated works" and lack of thought for bus passengers using Green Lane .Doesn't take too many brain cells to work our the advantages of putting in a bus lay-by instead of those expensive and impractable paving slabs covering such a large area outside what used to be Perrimans .
Sad days ahead for WP.

worcester park magpie said...

I have lived here for 56 years and have never ever known the high street in such a mess... as usual the council have made a complete mess up... well done sutton council I thought you couldn't get any worse but yet again you've proved me wrong

Geoff said...

Maybe one of the problems with Worcester Park is that it is split across three boroughs, and unfortunately as Central Road is in Sutton, Kingston and Epsom & Ewell don't contribute. Some might say well why should they? That would be a good question, but I live in Worcester Park and have to pay my council tax to Epsom however Central Road is by far (or near?)the closest shopping centre to me and I would like it to look nice as well. Interestingly, Epsom & Ewell seem to treat our bit of Worcester Park as an outpost as well as it's on the border.

So, perhaps the problem is that Worcester Park is in fact a Billy Nomates area and the solution is to define the boundaries of Worcester Park precisely and then place it in just one borough. That way by definition, Worcester Park residents would then be providing additional funding to just one borough and then perhaps things might happen.

axlrocky said...

Geoff - this has been a topic blogged on comprehensively in the past - your absolutely right, three councils can all blame each other and no responsibility is taken by any, a boundary change should definately happen, they did this in Dickerage Road New Malden which is now controlled by Richmond Park. It should clearly be Sutton councils full responsibility, or its own mini council.

coffee man said...

Thanks for raising this topic again.I live in the Kingston part of Worcester Park,and Kingston treats the Old Malden Area and the Station Estate as an 'outpost ' as you mention.
Worcester Park could actually do with its own Neighbourhood Council ,with representatives from the 3 boroughs and Businesses.

Anonymous said...

and I noticed that Longfellow that had a sign saying closed for 1 week has now been altered to 2....in black pen, its already been 2 so will Sutton be amending it to 3....or 4

Anonymous said...

actually its rather nice having Longfellow closed and all the people that drive and dump their cars in the road in order to go to the station aren't thre - let's all try and get Longfellow residents only parking!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Worcester Park "protests" in order for tonight then?!

"What do we want"
"When do we want it?"

But can we protest in Sutton/Epsom/Kingston high street please, Worcester Park looks bad enough as it is.

Anonymous said...

When I moved to Worcester Park in 1992,I can remember being asked by letter, if I thought that the Station Estate should remain with Kingston or go with Sutton.As I had only just moved in I didn't feel able to comment. Perhaps it would be better if the whole of Worcester Park had just one council, things would be easier?

Anonymous said...

The S3 driver stopped on Green Lane today (about 3pm) - very positive.

Nine people got on. Imagine what a nightmare many of those people would have had getting home had he sailed past - a hot, sticky walk to Dorchester Road, for example.

Keep on stopping.

axlrocky said...

I tweeted Paul Burstow asking why he wasnt commenting on issues raised on this blog and am happy to report he has promised to raise an email to the WP Blog readers as soon as the riots are over - we await with baited breath

Anonymous said...

The water company's contractors have closed Balmoral Road at its junction with Central Road. The signposted diversion for traffic coming from New Malden is along Green Lane and for traffic coming from North Cheam along Ruskin Drive, both of which are on the opposite side of Central Road! Whoever's responsible for these signs has obviously not learnt from their previous mistakes that it's always a good idea to check your facts first.

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