Friday, 8 July 2011

Free Wine Tasting Tonight

The Vin Bin wine shop in Worcester Park is tonight welcoming Cape Wine Cellars as hosts of a free wine tasting evening from 5.30pm to 8pm.

Cape Wine Cellars is owned by passionate professionals offering a growing selection of South African wines that are not widely available in the UK.

The tasting will be hosted by Daan Coetzee who has spent the last sixteen years in the South African wine trade, working with Franschhoek Vineyards and managing the award winning Doolhof Wine Estate in Wellington.

All are welcome to this free event at The Vin Bin (at 194 Cheam Common Road, opposite The North End Tavern).

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Kendo said...

They keep organising their wine tasting while I'm away for the weekend!! Been to a couple of them, great evenings.

Possibly a subject for another thread, but anyone know what's happened to the (seemingly stalled) development in the building next door (the other half of what used to be the window place)? I heard from the Vin Bin earlier in the year that it was turning into some kind of restaurant, but the refurb of the place seems to have come to a halt...

Anonymous said...

I would really like to try one of these wine tasting evenings - any chance we could get a bit more notice about them in future. When you only find out on the day it's difficult to rearrange other plans.

Speaking of restaurants and buildings next door - anyone know what's happened to the Espresso cafe next to Avventura - the windows have been covered up for quite a while now. Has it closed down for good?

Gordo's Neighbour said...

Espresso cafe has closed down for good. The owners of Avventura have sold it. Rumours are, however, that the new owners plan to run a coffee shop from it.

Anonymous said...

I agree - can the Vin Bin give you a weeks notice to post their wine tastings as I keep missing them too.

Looks like the Espresso bar has gone - hardly surprising with their prices - I did say it in my review. Avventurra lost it from the start - over priced ! - they've now lowered the prices with set menus, but also lowered their quality - shame because i did have high hopes for them.

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