Friday, 29 July 2011

Byte Back

Computer store 'Megabyte' may have closed their shop on Central Road to make way for 'Surrey Doors', but fear not as they will be reappearing in Worcester Park very soon.

Due to the end of their lease they shut their store at 90 Central Road, but are shortly due to reopen at 3 Windsor Road (The old Mike's Music shop). 

The store had hoped to move from their old premises into the new store straight away, but delays mean they are still two to three weeks away from completing their new home. 

In the meantime, they are still repairing PC's and laptops on a collect and return basis- call 07775 166 309 if you need to get hold of them.

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Jules said...

Great News,
I like those guys being a Geek myself and useful for a quick new Hardrive or SATA cable.

Gerald said...

I suppose that it's Ironic that this legendary shop, takes over the premises of a previous legendary shop. Long live Megabytes!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I only use Megabytes as an absolute last resort. Their prices are terrible and so far beyond the prices you can get online that I really don't know how they stay in business!

Paul said...

Anonymous - what an infuriating comment. If you know what you want then buy it online or go to a supermarket or big national chain. However if you want some good advice or help or to try something out before you buy it then go to a specialist. Whether its Megabyte, Cycle Power, Coles or Powerhouse - you tell them the problem you are trying to fix, or what it is you need, and they will give you the benefit of their knowledge. You will then buy the right product from them, and perhaps learn something while you are at it. Powerhouse and Coles have both saved me money and time in the past by giving me good advice. That's worth paying for.

I was in an independent cycle shop recently (not Cycle Power - sorry) looking at possible new bikes, and I saw a couple examining several of the bikes in stock. They checked the spec, tried them out for weight, talked at length to the enthusiastic and knowledgeable owner who helped them pinpoint the best bike for them and they even took a test ride on it. Then they pulled out a phone, looked up an on-line price and declared that they would buy on-line instead. Disgraceful and immoral.

I bet they also moan that their local High Street is going down the tubes and is full of hairdressers. Maybe if you Google "Mullet" and then stick your head in the speaker......

Anonymous said...

I'm the second Anon and must disagree with the anon above. Of course they are more expensive than on-line retailers - Megabytes have premises and staff on a high street and don't order by the juggernaught. Where Megabytes beats the online retailers, is you can speak to someone face to face and get good advice. They will fix your computer, and support you if you buy one from them. They will build one to spec. The will sell you something immediately, postage free, and no waiting for delivery. They will give you customer service and a refund instead of an RMA number. I accept, if you know what you are doing, and want the cheapest price, and can wait -( a friend ordered a PC online 3 weeks ago - the base unit and screen arrived on different days and he's still waiting for the soundcard), then Megabytes may not be for you.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, if you know what you are doing than Megabytes is certainly not for you.

Regarding Megabytes building to spec, if you want something built to spec you generally want something high end and in that case you will need to wait AND pay more.

Just have a look at their website and look at the graphics cards they have listed and compare it to almost any other retailer as an example. The choice is low and about 3 years outdated.

You want a PC built to spec from what they have in store? Then you will pay above the odds for a machine which was already outdated 2 years ago!

Megabytes said...

Anon3 - Point taken about the website. It is way out of date. This will get updated (and kept up to date) once the shop is backup and running.

As far as high-end machines are concerned we can normal match, and in most cases bet, anyone else in the market place on price and build them in a quicker time scale than anyone on-line too. Next time you want a new machine why not pop in and try us. I will even make you a cuppa whilest we have a chat. Something else they cant offer on-line :)

Aso for the PC's we have in-store. They are never more than a couple of weeks old as we sell them too quickly. We are not PC World.

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