Friday, 29 July 2011

Byte Back

Computer store 'Megabyte' may have closed their shop on Central Road to make way for 'Surrey Doors', but fear not as they will be reappearing in Worcester Park very soon.

Due to the end of their lease they shut their store at 90 Central Road, but are shortly due to reopen at 3 Windsor Road (The old Mike's Music shop). 

The store had hoped to move from their old premises into the new store straight away, but delays mean they are still two to three weeks away from completing their new home. 

In the meantime, they are still repairing PC's and laptops on a collect and return basis- call 07775 166 309 if you need to get hold of them.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

The First Of The Summer Wine

The Vin Bin wine shop is holding another of their popular free wine tasting events tomorrow (Friday) from 5.30pm to 8.30pm.

They will be showcasing a selection of their best bottles, including some fantastic Croatian wines. As always, you can expect some fantastic tipples which you won't find in the supermarkets or bog-standard off licences.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A Sign Of Stupidity

So the roadworks have begun. One day down, seven long months to go. 

Fortunately, Sutton's finest brains have been put to work on the masterplan for ensuring that Worcester Park is unaffected by all these works. 

Starting in Longfellow Road, where Sutton Council has banned parking in an area where no parking has ever been allowed. Parking has been 'suspended' and cones have been placed across a stretch of private driveways in the street. Blog reader Longperson observed:

"Only Sutton council would go to the trouble of putting signs and cones up announcing that parking was temporarily banned on a stretch of pavement where parking has never been allowed in the first place!"

The on to Central Road, where signs have helpfully been placed announcing that left turns into Longfellow Road are prohibited, to the fury of Longperson:

"Longfellow Road is a one way street, so left turns from Central Road have never been allowed anyway. Genius. Another pointless roadworks sign!"

And finally, those residents of Lynwood Drive have not only had their road closed off for a week or so, but have had it renamed 'Linewood Drive'.

Is this a sign of things to come? 

Monday, 25 July 2011

Wait & See

Sorry about that - I've been wandering around the new look Waitrose desperately looking for the pasta section for the past couple of days.

I found it eventually. Then I got to the self-scan checkout and the machine didn't trust me as I was selected for a 're-scan'.

I had to stand nervously as Waitrose customs officials rooted through my bags to check that everything was in order. I was preparing my "I didn't know that was there, honest" line, convinced that they were about to find some illicit package concealed in a false bottom of my bag for life.

I passed the re-scan, and I left happy in the knowledge that I am a decent honest shopper, and do not have a false bottom.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Free Wine Tasting Tonight

The Vin Bin wine shop in Worcester Park is tonight welcoming Cape Wine Cellars as hosts of a free wine tasting evening from 5.30pm to 8pm.

Cape Wine Cellars is owned by passionate professionals offering a growing selection of South African wines that are not widely available in the UK.

The tasting will be hosted by Daan Coetzee who has spent the last sixteen years in the South African wine trade, working with Franschhoek Vineyards and managing the award winning Doolhof Wine Estate in Wellington.

All are welcome to this free event at The Vin Bin (at 194 Cheam Common Road, opposite The North End Tavern).

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Water Joke!

They were billed as the roadworks to end all roadworks.

At the start of 2011 an army of road cones, diversion signs and heavy digging equipment marched into Central Road and for months on end unleashed their horror on the good people of Worcester Park.

This, we were told, was the new 'clever way' of doing things. 

Gone, they said, were the days of contractors digging up the road and repairing it only for another bunch of high-viz warriors to ride into town and churn up the very same section all over again. Instead, these were to be essential coordinated works - gas mains, water mains and electricity mains replacement works would all be done at the same time. 

Ladies and gentlemen [drum roll please] we give you not one, not two, but three utilities companies working together as never before. Yes, it would be horrendous. Yes, the traffic would be even more diabolical than usual. But it only had to be done once, and that then we could all live happily ever after.

We just had to bite down hard on our collective pillows as the sticking plaster of roadworks was ripped slowly from the hairy leg of Worcester Park. Then it would all be over, we could go about our daily lives unimpeded and tell heroic stories to our children, and our childrens' children, about how we came together and survived the Big Dig of 2011.

That, unfortunately, is not where the story ends.

Just weeks after the end of the massive essential coordinated roadworks comes news that Worcester Park is braced for 7 months of traffic chaos as Central Road is to be dug up yet again for replacement of water mains and connections to properties.

The works in Central Road are set to begin on 25th July, and will be ongoing until March 2012. Works will initially begin on the south side of Central Road, running from the junction with Lynwood Drive (by Barclays Bank) up to the junction with Balmoral Road (by Sainsburys Local).

Works will then take place along the other side of Central Road, running from the junction with Longfellow Road (by Halifax Bank) up to the junction with Lindsay Road (by The Vin Bin). 

The duration of the replacement works will see temporary traffic lights in Central Road which will be manually controlled during peak hours. 

There will also be temporary closures of a number of side roads at their junction with Central Road: Lynwood Drive, Longellow Road, Caldbeck Avenue, Washington Road, Brinkley Road, St Philips Avenue, Stone Place, Windsor Road and Balmoral Road. 

Let the digging commence...

Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Worcester Park Bog?

I feel I should apologise (again) for the lack of posts recently. You see it isn't for want of interesting and exciting things happening in Worcester Park, but purely down to the chronic lack of free time on my part to sit down and put fingers to keyboard.

In fact to remedy this problem I am seriously considering putting Internet access into the 'smallest room' in the house so I can put those otherwise idle sedantary moments to better use.

Quite whether my readers can stomach the musings from 'The Worcester Park Bog' is an altogether different matter.

Having reassured you that I am sat on the sofa in one of the larger rooms of the house as I type this, I turn to what has been going on in Worcester Park in recent days.

The former CAZBAR premises opened its doors on Friday night as 'Centrals Bar' - as I wandered past it the bouncers were bouncing outside the door and the drinkers drinkning inside but I didn't get the chance to venture in, so if you have tried out Worcester Park's newest venue then be sure to add your thoughts on it using the comments form below.

Meanwhile, it's slightly old news now but we have yet another hairdressers in our midst - the latest has opened in the old 'Flower Parade' premises at the top of Central Road (near More Than Lofts).

I have lost track of the number of hair cutting emporia that we now have in Worcester Park and don't have the time to count them all up.

If somebody could do the maths and let me know that would be greatly appreciated. Must go now - I need the toilet....