Sunday, 19 June 2011


Calling all Worcester Park bikers (the motor, not the push variety)!

A group of local motorcyclists who head out regularly from the Worcester Park (and nearby) area are looking for like-minded local bikers to join them. 

It's all very informal and open to all abilities - rather than having set or planned dates for rides, the group just maintains an email and mobile phone list of people interested in going for a ride with others. 

When one of the members is going out for a ride, or planning one for a future date, they simply text or email the group to see if anyone wants to join them. As a list member you get the text / email and if you want to participate then great, if you're busy then no problem. There is no cost to join or get on the list. The whole thing is run purely for fun. 

During the summer there is usually one ride-out on a weekday evening (usually but not always a Wednesday) from about 5.30pm till 9ish. In addition there are often weekend morning blasts and occasionally they will go a bit left-field in pursuit of biking fun (Ron Haslam School, plans to maybe go off-roading in Morocco next year etc).

If you're interested in joining the list, or want more details, contact Jed Spink ( and he'll be happy to help.