Monday, 9 May 2011

Trolley Dashed

Fleet-footed staff at Waitrose in Worcester Park this afternoon foiled the theft of around £250 of stock from the supermarket.

A male and female shopper fled from the supermarket at just after 4.30pm today with a trolley full of items which they had failed to pay for.

Supermarket staff gave chase and were able to recover the items as the would-be thieves made their getaway.

An onlooker told the Worcester Park Blog:

" A male and a female left the supermarket and were challenged by a member of Waitrose staff who had spotted that they were leaving without paying.

They raced across the car park with the trolley, with supermarket staff in hot pursuit. The couple abandoned the trolley - the female fled onto Central Road whilst the male climbed onto the properties a the back of the car park and fled over the rooftops."

The couple are understood to have escaped in a people carrier - the registration number of which has been passed to the police.