Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Moving Plea

Kerry has been in touch with a desperate plea to blog reader to help find her cat, Rocky, who she fears has stowed away in a removals van to Worcester Park. Kerry writes:

"I live in West Wimbledon and two weeks ago our lovely one-year-old, black and white cat, Rocky, went missing. 

It happened on the day that our neighbours moved house and when he didn't come home that night, all I could picture was the large blue removal van that loomed outside our house all day. 

I said to my husband that I was worried he might have snuck inside and been whisked off to Worcester Park, to the neighbours' new abode, but my husband reassured me that he'd probably just gone for a wander. 

After two days and still no sign of him, we put up posters everywhere and through peoples' letterboxes. When our neighbours popped back to collect some post from their empty house they saw our poster. They suddenly called us to say that a black and white cat had been in the van, but it had been so scared and scratchy that they let him go! 

So our normally timid gentle cat is let loose on his own in Worcester Park. He is all black with four white paws, a white chest and white cheeks. 

We are absolutely gutted and would love it if anyone in Worcester Park could keep an eye out for him and contact us if they see him call 07799 405 526."

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Ian Morris said...

Which road or part of Worcester Park did they move to? If we have a better idea of a rough location I'm sure us animal loving Worcester Parkers will keep an eye out for him.

Dawn R said...

Was going to ask the same question Ian - Let us know please.

Anonymous said...

The cat is probably trying to find its way home to West Wimbledon, but when it looks at the road signs they all say Raynes Park

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerry,

We have cats so know how you must feel and will keep our eyes open for him.


Julie said...

I saw a very similar cat last night walking along Farm Way........

susan harris said...

Yes, if you tell us what road we will definitely keep an eye out for him. You shojuld come down when yuo can and go around that area as well and call his name he might come to you.

I hope you find him and what stupid neighbours for not telling you sooner, they must have know it was yours!!

pussycat66 said...

http://www.rspcahantsandsurreyborder.org.uk/rehoming/rehoming10_2.htm there is a cat on here ready for rehoming, he is the image of your cat.

rosey said...

The last couple of evening's we've had a strange cat come in our flap but only tonight have I seen it - definitely black and white although I didn't get a good enough look at its face to see if it was definitely yours as our cat chased it off.

Had a very distinctive 'row' type miaow and was quite chunky.
It's definitely not a cat I've seen in our road before - could be yours?

It's Idmiston Road/Idmiston Square area.


Anonymous said...

I really do feel for you - my tabby boy cat Dibble is also missing in WP, in the Hampton Road area - I am devastated

do post where yours might be roughly and I will also keep a look out

wishing Rocky a safe return

Anonymous said...

when you say tabby, I saw a ginger cat that looked lost and hadn't seen it before wandering up Longfellow, by the time I got to it (aws going to see if it looked hungry etc) it had hopped over a fence?

Anonymous said...

I too have only recently seen this little ginger cat. I think it must be lost and it also has no collar and it's boys bits still! This morning I finally managed to catch up with the little thing and give it some dried cat food, it was starving so I think it must be lost and lonely. I am going to see what I can do about asking cats protection to come and get it and find it a lovely deserving home

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