Thursday, 5 May 2011

AV You Remembered?

Today is AV referendum day. There are no local elections except for those of you Worcester Parkers living in that little corner of our town that is forever 'Epsom & Ewell' who can enjoy the double thrill of choosing your local political representatives.

Blog reader 'Irritiated from Worcester Park' who lives in the Epsom & Ewell part of town, is feeling quite uninspired by the whole thing:

"The only reason I know that there is an election for the local candidates today is that I have received a polling card and,yesterday, a card from something called the Residents Association.

Apparently the Residents Association are "constantly in touch with all residents". Err, I have lived in Cuddington ward for over 16 years, and I have never met these people who purport to have my best interests at heart.

And I'm not being party political here, as I understand that there are a few other parties that have my best interests at heart as well. I couldn't tell you who they are though. But an educated guess tells me that they are the "mainstream". I've never met any of them either.

So, who are these people? Are they like gods? People say they exist, but you have no real proof and so just have to believe?

I think there should be another change in the polling system, and in brief, this is it. The candidates are provided with a list of names and addresses. They should be obliged to get off their lazy backsides and visit a substantial number of these addresses, have the courtesy to introduce themselves and obtain a signature as proof of visit.

Only when they have at least 80% proof of visit should they be allowed to stand.

Or everyone can vote for me instead, purely on the basis that I'm not going to make any effort to introduce myself to anyone and I am not going to tell anyone about my policies that I can make up if pressed.

Oh for a box on the voting slip where we can enter "NO CONFIDENCE".

Happy voting everyone!

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Anonymous said...

My experience is the opposite, I have religiously received a very detailed newsletter from them quarterly for the last 25 years. Always inviting you to a local public meeting as well.
(p.s. no I'm not a RS party worker -just a local punter!)

wanderjahre said...

Interesting idea, but in areas where one party has a high percentage of the vote, I can see problems with that approach - you could after all wreck your opponent's chances by simply refusing to sign and possessing the name, address and signature of a person might cause some potential identity theft issues.

Having spent a fair bit of time 'on the knock' in my day I know how difficult it is to find people at home. Very wet public holidays are probably the best! But I would have expected you to have had one leaflets hit your doormat.

I don't think this vote really grabbed Joe Average out there. In my view on the AV vote was simply the answer to a question that no one was asking, namely do you want a more complicated voting that could lead to "Tim nice but Dim" winning on a 2nd or 3rd count.
Good blog, thanks for an enjoyable read! :-)

Ron Cook
(Former Carshalton & Wallington LP member, now in Hastings and Rye.)

Rick said...

Congratulations to the 'Yes camp', who victoriously won the referendum, with 100% of the vote:

6,152,607 - Recorded as voting ‘Yes’:
13,013,123 – Recorded as voting ‘Yes’ as the second choice.
0 – Recorded as voting ‘No’

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