Monday, 30 May 2011

Drink Up

Worcester Park is set to get a brand new drinking establishment after plans to open the former CAZBAR premises were given the green light. 

Sutton Council has now approved the application submitted by Sutton based cabbie Stephen Moore and wife Sarah to open 'Centrals' bar at the premises in Central Road, with an extended licence at weekends. 

Centrals will be open from 8.00 am to 11 pm Sunday to Thursday and 8.00 am to 00.30 am on Fridays and Saturdays 0800. The late licence has initially been granted for one year, after which it will be reviewed.

Officials have also imposed other strict conditions on the new licensees, in a bid to avoid the noise complaints that surrounded CAZBAR.

As a condition of planning permission, the garden at the rear of the premises cannot be used for barbecues on any day apart from Sunday during 'family only' events. Live or recorded music and the use of televisions are also banned from the garden, which must also be closed at 11pm on Friday and Saturday nights.

Council officials will also insist that the licensees display notices on the premises and in the garden reminding customers to respect the neighbours and keep noise to a minimum.

In submitting his application, Mr Moore had said he is pitching 'Central's' at a more mature audience with no live bands or karaoke (although there will be a DJ on Friday and Saturday nights) and wants to encouraging the venue to be a 'community hub' with coffee mornings and a childrens' play area during the daytime.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Chamber Of Secrets

Regular blog readers will recall last year's controversy over plans for the Worcester Park mosque (or Islamic community centre to give it its official title) at the former Bank Chambers site in Green Lane (next to Kingfish).

Those behind the proposed mosque went to ground and within hours of being contacted by the Worcester Park Blog their website was swiftly taken offline.

Nothing more has been heard of the plans and no planning application has ever been submitted for the premises.

Now, though, the exterior of the building has been repainted and the interior is also being done up. What could possibly be in store for Bank Chambers?

Monday, 9 May 2011

Trolley Dashed

Fleet-footed staff at Waitrose in Worcester Park this afternoon foiled the theft of around £250 of stock from the supermarket.

A male and female shopper fled from the supermarket at just after 4.30pm today with a trolley full of items which they had failed to pay for.

Supermarket staff gave chase and were able to recover the items as the would-be thieves made their getaway.

An onlooker told the Worcester Park Blog:

" A male and a female left the supermarket and were challenged by a member of Waitrose staff who had spotted that they were leaving without paying.

They raced across the car park with the trolley, with supermarket staff in hot pursuit. The couple abandoned the trolley - the female fled onto Central Road whilst the male climbed onto the properties a the back of the car park and fled over the rooftops."

The couple are understood to have escaped in a people carrier - the registration number of which has been passed to the police.

Take Your Pic

'Worcester Park Life' magazine is looking for your pictures of Royal Wedding Street Parties in Worcester Park for the June edition of the magazine.

If you have any suitable pictures, e-mail them to

Friday, 6 May 2011

Bowling Club Open Day

On Sunday 15th May, between 11.00 am and 4.00 pm, Auriol Bowling Club is holding its Open Day at the club’s bowling green in Auriol Park, Salisbury Road, Worcester Park. People of all ages are invited, whether they have bowled before or not.

You can turn up at any time during that day, and there’s no need to wear any special clothing other than flat-soled shoes or trainers. Equipment and coaching will all be provided free of charge.

The new 2011 season is an important one in the club’s history as at the end of 2010 the ladies of Auriol Park Ladies Bowling Club and the men belonging to Auriol Bowling Club voted to come together to form a single, mixed club.

If you can’t make it to the club’s Open Day on Sunday 15th May, you are welcome at one of the informal ‘roll-up’ sessions, held on Monday mornings, and Tuesday and Thursday mornings and afternoons each week during the season, which started this year on 23 April.

For further information please contact David Regan on 020 8337 8919 (email:, or visit the club’s website at

Ale Be There

'The Vin Bin' is holding its first ever ale tasting event tonight, from 5.30pm to 8pm. The free tasting will be hosted by Julia Perthen from the Hepworth Brewery who will be showcasing their ales and beers including the fantastic blonde organic lager.

Now employing 20 staff in West Sussex, Hepworth & Co. produce beers and lagers of distinction in cask, keg and bottle, using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.

All are welcome to the free event this evening - and inspired by this I shall, in future, no longer be apologetically informing Mrs WP that I am 'off down the pub' but I shall be declaring in my best posh voice that I'm 'just going for an ale tasting session, dear'.

Sounds much better.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

AV You Remembered?

Today is AV referendum day. There are no local elections except for those of you Worcester Parkers living in that little corner of our town that is forever 'Epsom & Ewell' who can enjoy the double thrill of choosing your local political representatives.

Blog reader 'Irritiated from Worcester Park' who lives in the Epsom & Ewell part of town, is feeling quite uninspired by the whole thing:

"The only reason I know that there is an election for the local candidates today is that I have received a polling card and,yesterday, a card from something called the Residents Association.

Apparently the Residents Association are "constantly in touch with all residents". Err, I have lived in Cuddington ward for over 16 years, and I have never met these people who purport to have my best interests at heart.

And I'm not being party political here, as I understand that there are a few other parties that have my best interests at heart as well. I couldn't tell you who they are though. But an educated guess tells me that they are the "mainstream". I've never met any of them either.

So, who are these people? Are they like gods? People say they exist, but you have no real proof and so just have to believe?

I think there should be another change in the polling system, and in brief, this is it. The candidates are provided with a list of names and addresses. They should be obliged to get off their lazy backsides and visit a substantial number of these addresses, have the courtesy to introduce themselves and obtain a signature as proof of visit.

Only when they have at least 80% proof of visit should they be allowed to stand.

Or everyone can vote for me instead, purely on the basis that I'm not going to make any effort to introduce myself to anyone and I am not going to tell anyone about my policies that I can make up if pressed.

Oh for a box on the voting slip where we can enter "NO CONFIDENCE".

Happy voting everyone!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Train Delays

Major delays expected on South West trains from/to Worcester Park this morning after a person was hit by a train at Clapham Junction.

Passengers may use Southern train services from Cheam as an alternative.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Moving Plea

Kerry has been in touch with a desperate plea to blog reader to help find her cat, Rocky, who she fears has stowed away in a removals van to Worcester Park. Kerry writes:

"I live in West Wimbledon and two weeks ago our lovely one-year-old, black and white cat, Rocky, went missing. 

It happened on the day that our neighbours moved house and when he didn't come home that night, all I could picture was the large blue removal van that loomed outside our house all day. 

I said to my husband that I was worried he might have snuck inside and been whisked off to Worcester Park, to the neighbours' new abode, but my husband reassured me that he'd probably just gone for a wander. 

After two days and still no sign of him, we put up posters everywhere and through peoples' letterboxes. When our neighbours popped back to collect some post from their empty house they saw our poster. They suddenly called us to say that a black and white cat had been in the van, but it had been so scared and scratchy that they let him go! 

So our normally timid gentle cat is let loose on his own in Worcester Park. He is all black with four white paws, a white chest and white cheeks. 

We are absolutely gutted and would love it if anyone in Worcester Park could keep an eye out for him and contact us if they see him call 07799 405 526."