Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Post Mortem

I was so worried last week when, for three whole days, there was no sign of the postman bringing Mrs WP's daily deluge of online shopping parcels that I called the bank to check whether her credit card had been stolen.

Sadly it turned out it her card hadn't been stolen (which is a real pity as I'm quite sure that any thief would have spent less than she does) but it was all down to issues with delayed and erratic postal deliveries in Worcester Park.

It seems we are not alone - lots of you have been complaining on the blog about an unreliable postal service in recent weeks.

Liz contacted me to say:

"I am currently missing two parcels sent by John Lewis by Royal Mail around 22nd March, a small package also posted on 22nd, two e-bay parcels from different sellers sent on 22nd and 23rd and a parcel from my husband's work sent about 10 days ago. Oh and an Amazon delivery is very late.

Also post is very erratic. We get no post at all for 4 days, then a big delivery, then nothing for a couple of days and so on. God only knows what else is missing!

I’m about to make a formal complaint but wanted to know if anyone else is having any problems too."

Apparently there is a 'backlog' of parcels at the sorting office which they are struggling to sort through. Do let me know if you are still being affected by the current disruption.

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Boscombe Road Resident said...

Glad it's not just me suffering from this - I'm waiting for an eBay parcel which was posted a week ago. And last month I had to wait 3 weeks for a parcel posted from the Lakes. How hard can it be? It's their job to get parcels to us on time!

Anonymous said...

Its a really bad service. We only get post 2 or 3 times a week. Apparently our road is an 'overtime road' We only get post if a postman wants the overtime! How does that work ? Now that the sun is out I expect they will all want to knock off at lunchtime, so we won't get any post at all :(

Trent Way resident said...

It has been a dismal service for some months now, I have waited 2-4 weeks for parcels to be delivered, and post is erratic; no post for several days, then an avalanche! How can I make a formal complaint?

Eurognome said...

My birthday was on 16th March. I rang on 18th March to ask why there had been no post for days. When I told the chap it had been my birthday and I had hoped someone loved me enough to send a card he said he was sure they did.
When I came home from work I couldn't open the door for the post!

Anonymous said...

We are in Boscombe Road and we are waiting for 3 ebay parcels all posted last Monday, either its shoddy service or there is a thief! Perhaps we all need to raise our suspicions

Anonymous said...

No problems with letters arriving in Langley Avenue, they have been fine as far as I know.
Parcels however are not good. I also waited 3 weeks or more for parcels last month. I didn't realise at first that there were problems at the Worcester Park sorting office, and thought that my parcels had either been lost or stolen. One company kindly resent the same goods out for me as I thought they had been lost. The orginal item then turned up at the same time as the resent order. So I then had to take the duplicate order to the post office and return.

A lot of businesses will offer free delivery if you spend over a certain amount, but unfortunately the parcels are very often not sent via a trackable service so you have no idea what is happening to your goods. The last couple of times, I have opted to pay for a named day delivery service. This is a lot of money, but I feel at least I know where my goods are, and that they are going to arrive safely, but you shouldn't have to do this.

I have been told that they don't have enough staff at the WP sorting office to deliver the amount of parcels they are in receipt of, as the amount of staff employed there has been reduced. I think that this situation needs to be sorted out urgently. It's not fair to either customers or staff.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to make you laugh (or scare you lol!). Just before christmas my 100 year old grandma sent me a parcel with some presents for my kids and especially a cardigan she had knitted for my newborn! I get a notice with something unreadable scribbled on it. Go fetch the parcel at the WP sorting office....the man tells me that as the notice says my parcel is waiting for me IN MY BIN! It was raining you see and it's apparently the usage for my postman to throw the parcels in the bin to protect them from the rain.... Except that it was rubbish collection day....I arrived too late. Parcel and rubbish gone! Thanks Mister Postman!!
Note to myself: have a chat with weirdo postman about parcels in the bin and hygiene.

New Resident - Salisbury Rd said...

I moved from Aberdeenshire to Salisbury Road in January and I am totally shocked at the postal service I receive down here. Parcels taking 10 + days to get here, as other have said, an avalanche some days and none many others. I even a 'signed for' parcel left on my doorstep with no attempt to get a signature. I did go down to complain to the manager about that as it is totally unacceptable. Even during all the snow in December, our Scottish postman delivered every day so this level of service is pathetic and frankly unacceptable.

DT said...

Actually, there is nothing at all wrong with the mail in WP, there is however a conspiracy amongst those sending it to arrange that everyone in a street gets deluged with mail every three days.

Of course this conspiracy means that the postmen can be used elsewhere.

Lord Cynic of Lindsay said...

Don't expect anything by complaining. All you get is a half-baked apology and an assurance that an investigation will occur, even if you repeatedly follow up. It's all standard paragraph stuff. I lost several parcels and cards last year. Do they really care??? Do they hell!
And today our post arrived at a quarter to five............yes, a quarter to five.
They will blame it on cost and staff cuts, and low morale.

Anonymous said...

I must be very lucky - we seem to have had no such problems. Big thanks to Iain, our superb Langley Avenue postie. Totally reliable and you could set your watch by his regular delivery time.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you anonymous, I live off Cotswold Way (so we probably have the same postie as Langley). Never had a problem.

Anonymous said...

Up here in Brinkley Road post is erratic. We seem to get it once every 2-3 days. Three ebay parcels posted to me on Monday (first class) still havn't turned up.

Anonymous said...

I am also waiting for a couple of parcels to be delivered too. Since no one at Worcester Park sorting office can do nothing about the back log, I think it's time we started to complain to someone at a higher level.

Emma said...

The post for a number of weeks is a joke - has been since before Xmas when parcels took 8 weeks to be delivered. I even went up to the delivery office when the parcles posted over two weeks before my son's 1st Birthday hadn't been delivered - all credit to the guys they found them and delivered them that day.

Saying that, we generally only get a postal delivery once maybe twice a week - apparently there have been huge cuts to the WP sorting office. Parcels are hit and miss - normally a miss.

I complained to postie HQ after Christmas and said that there had been a problem and now resolved but it seems it has gone backwards again.

Anonymous said...

I complained last week ,as yet no reply. Postie should be delivering post not junk mail. Why the increase in postal charges! There're taking the p... signed Anonymous from Tudor Ave.

Miz said...


Just wanted to say to all to get really friendly with your neighbours. My neigbour is not only receieving my personal mail but also my business mail, bank statements, deliveries and all this even though we are generally always at the premises!?

Thank god there is wine to keep me calm.


still waiting said...

do you think the posties enjoy delivering all this junk mail to us rather then our letters and parcels but according to royal mail its more important for the junk to go through our letter boxes as it generates more revenue for them. i have heard there have been staff cuts at worcester park as well as people retiring and have not been replaced i dread to think how much mail is stacked up at the deliver office. i'm waiting for parcels i've ordered and hope they arrive soon.

Anonymous said...

If you have the stamina to go through the simple 5 step process:

Jeff said...

If everyone in the affected roads sent themselves a ripe Camembert through the post I bet the backlog of parcels and post would start moving a bit quicker through the delivery office. Or maybe a few week old Herrings?

Fox said...

I live in Avon Close and I'm convinced there is a mail backlog, somewhere. My friend in Fulham and I belong to the same organisations -CSMA and Beneden. She received their latest magazines before the end of March (they were wwaiting for her on her return from holiday. I received one on 6 April and one on 14 April. Also one two occasions in the past 10 days the 5.30pm collection from the Woodlands Avenue pillar box has been done before 5.07pm, meeting that my letters have had to wait another day to be collected.

Rick said...

Fox, I must admit, I've never had such an excess of spare time on my hands that I've resorted to logging pillar box collection times - so I'll take your word for it.

If it bothers you, you could always write a letter of complaint to Royal Mail, describing that your mail is being collected 23 minutes (and however many seconds) earlier than scheduled ...and starkly warning that if such developments are allowed to go unchecked, the entire Royal Mail Network will be thrown into chaos ... by over efficiency.

If you make it an 11.5-page complaint, hand to your postie, and insist they read it aloud, it should take them exactly 23 minutes to read it, which should cunningly restore the space-time continuum. Problem solved!

Pat and Jess from KT4 said...

Rick you are getting boring now trying to be funny. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit so they say.

Early collection is not being "over efficient". It is being inefficient and not keeping to schedule.

There are issues with the post in some areas around KT4 but thankfully not all, which the posties openly admit to. Your area of KT4 is unaffected. Great.

This blog helps others know this and can point readers to what steps can be taken to try and rectify it or at least assure them that it is not some "big conspiracy" against them and their business as your tongue firmly in check suggested on another post.

Now where did I park my van...

BenjyP said...


Its interesting that you feel something in a bureaucratic state not occurring at the time it is supposed to is efficient, how would you feel if you turned up to Stamford Bridge to watch Chelsea ( I am assuming wildly that you are a football fan, and given the WP geography and typical demographics a Chelsea fan) only to find out you had missed the first half hour, because the ref had been efficient and kicked off half hour early! Or perhaps more realistically when you went to the dole office late because there was a Jeremy Kyle marathon on ITV3 finding that they had efficiently shut half hour early, thus leaving you without discount fags and cider for a whole evening!

Mihai Rosu said...

There are many places in wich many people are waiting for their parcels for days, because of their postman. Personaly i wait for a parcel 3 weeks.After i received the parcel i called at the postal service asking for a statement, and the said just that i receive the parcel so late because of the weather.
Thanks for this post.

SOC said...

I live on Brinkley Road. Last year we had no less than 19 items go missing (birthday cards, dvds, books, condolence cards, you name it!).
I complained on numerous occasions & the investigation dept in Portsmouth did send out a few test packages to find the culprit. All the test packages arrived, which was rather annoying.
So far this year we've had no issues (apart from irregular deliveries), however I do get all my very important packages delivered to a work address.

special delivery said...

I am about to submit a complaint to Royal Mail as a parcel I ordered was delivered on 8 April; I can see online the item has been signed for but as both myself and my husband would have been at work it would not have been us. I have checked with my neighbours and they do not have the item either. So, I popped down to the sorting office to see if they could help; the guy was really apologetic and genuinely embarrassed about the service being provided. He took my details and said he would investigate. A few days later I rang the sorting office and spoke to the same guy; he said the person on deliveries the day and time of my parcel being delivered has been spoken to and cannot remember where the item has been delivered to. I was told it wasn't the only item that was apparently 'delivered' that day; so I'm keeping an eager eye out for someone sporting a leather satchel as that's my parcel!! In the meantime I have to put together a claim for compensation and a missing item. Shoddy service that's all I can say!

Jeff said...

The postal service in parts of Worcester Park is a joke but let's place the blame where it belongs. Not on the postal workers but on the Royal Mail which despite carrying record amounts of lucrative direct mail is trying to run the service on a shoe string. About six months ago they downsized by two posties in WP leaving two walks uncovered - so these areas only get deliveries if posties on other walks finish early.

If this was anywhere else in Europe people affected by the bad service would be demonstrating outside the sorting office having informed all the local papers of the time and place. Royal Mail will only 'do' anything if they're shamed into doing it.

So instead of just complaining on the WP Blog affected parties should get together and demonstrate to 'Re-instate our Posties'. Luckily for those of us who live north-west of the railway line our service is beyond reproach but I for one would come along and swell the demo if the people actually affected did the organising even if it did mean getting 'kettled' in Green Lane.

Anonymous said...

Post is a joke this week (Windsor Road). No postie until 1pm, and no parcel post again!

Must be an overtime route. Pathetic, isn't it?

I know it's not the postal workers fault, but what are we supposed to do? Seriously?

Jeff said...

I had a chat with our postman today, I gather Royal Mail has cut back on 4 postmen/women in Worcester Park and one of the van drivers is on long-term sick leave. So all the remaining posties have to deliver to another 80 houses each, an impossible target to maintain as they're already stretched - specially as several new housing developments (including the Hamptons) have added greatly to the general workload.

They're so behind with the parcels they don't know where to store them and people from 'head office' are descending on Green Lane in droves to see what's happening. It's not even the local managers' fault (I was told), it's the people who manage the managers. They think that good management technique involves increasing individual workloads to an unrealistic level - and reminding anybody who complains that there's plenty of other people from the other side of the world who will do they job if they won't. Maybe some of those managers' managers should start delivering the backlog.

Terri said...

It might be useful for some people to know that a new manager has taken over the royal mail delivery office on green lane, worcester park! When i called to trace a parcel this morning he said he is getting all the parcels cleared as so many were stored so expect deliveries from previous attempts etc

Anonymous said...

our post comes late in the day and same as above...get none for couple of days then all at once. ordered a cd and the box arrived but the cd had gone. ordered things online with various companies for christmas pressies, a month before christmas....all had been dispatched at the beginning of december but not arrived at my house. i had to go out and buy more and now trying to sort out where they have gone. reliable as ever posties.....NOT.

Anonymous said...

What is going on with the post? We can guarantee, if it is our day to receive post, that it will not arrive until late afternoon. Whether it is wet or dry it is rarely pushed all the way through the letterbox although today our postie did excel himself by pushing not only the mail but the front of the letter box (now unrepairable) completely through the letter box!

Anonymous said...

i am a postman at worcester park for the last 8 weeks or so in the run up to christmas the management at worcester park and above have been covering all the walks with extra staff first with casuals then paying postmen to work on days off and paying overtime to do packet deliveries
and paid some to do a sunday packet delivery
now as from wednesday 28 the extra hours have gone and duties have been lapsed meaning the postmen have to cover these duties as part of their duties not just delivering but preparing and sorting the uncovered mail this can add about 45 minutes to a duty to cover the extra
if the postman gets time in his hours
if not no mail goes
the roads that have no postman at pressent are
caldbeck brinkley lindsy and st philips
but things may get worse as in the new year there is going to be a big change to cut more walks/dutys so less postmen and bigger walks

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