Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Post Mortem

I was so worried last week when, for three whole days, there was no sign of the postman bringing Mrs WP's daily deluge of online shopping parcels that I called the bank to check whether her credit card had been stolen.

Sadly it turned out it her card hadn't been stolen (which is a real pity as I'm quite sure that any thief would have spent less than she does) but it was all down to issues with delayed and erratic postal deliveries in Worcester Park.

It seems we are not alone - lots of you have been complaining on the blog about an unreliable postal service in recent weeks.

Liz contacted me to say:

"I am currently missing two parcels sent by John Lewis by Royal Mail around 22nd March, a small package also posted on 22nd, two e-bay parcels from different sellers sent on 22nd and 23rd and a parcel from my husband's work sent about 10 days ago. Oh and an Amazon delivery is very late.

Also post is very erratic. We get no post at all for 4 days, then a big delivery, then nothing for a couple of days and so on. God only knows what else is missing!

I’m about to make a formal complaint but wanted to know if anyone else is having any problems too."

Apparently there is a 'backlog' of parcels at the sorting office which they are struggling to sort through. Do let me know if you are still being affected by the current disruption.