Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Pit Stop

Worcester Park's 'essential coordinated roadworks' may have finished a number of weeks ago but for residents of Lynwood Drive, by Barclays Bank, there is no end in sight to their 'two week' road closure which began way back on 17th January.

For it seems that contractors working on the 'Streets For People' scheme to resurface parts of the footways in Central Road have deemed that the junction of Lynwood Drive and Central Road is just too convenient a place to dump their mountains of sand and store their plant and equipment.

So months after the completion of the advertised two weeks of water mains replacement works, the road remains closed for the convenience of our beloved contractors, with residents having no idea when the road will finally be re-opened to traffic.

Never mind Streets For People. What about getting back our roads for residents?

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BlueTrain said...

Well maybe you can suggest a better place for the contractors to store it all :-)

Anonymous said...

Midas Touch car park?

DT said...

I'm surprised the residents stand for it. If I lived in that street or one of the ones that are accessed via it, I would be making the local councillors life hell.

Minigee said...

Poundland car park.

BobTheBodger said...

I am thinking of doing some damage to the contractors blocking my road. Open up with Bolt Cutters and give their equipment a good kicking. Its not as if they are really doing of any use in the main street.

Rick said...

WP, Sorry, but I have great difficulty believing your claim, since it contrasts so sharply with the regular diet of positive updates, emitted from our local councillors. [And their web-based updates must be above any kind of scrutiny, since residents’ enquiries fail to appear and go unanswered].

Maybe things would change for the better, if we could implement an AV voting system for local road works?

We, the residents, could democratically vote whether the repairs were to be completed:
a). On time
b). Early
c). Late

Then, our local councillors could subsequently remind us all that we all got exactly what we voted for …albeit, our third choice!

Anonymous said...

and now the High Street will be blocked at times and side roads from July 2011 to March 2012 - unbelievable - for water works, why didn't they do they at the same time as the last lot of chaos we had to endure

Please all write to and complain!!!!!

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