Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Pet Rescue

Jane has e-mailed the blog to try and track down a mother and daughter who came to her rescue when her dog was seriously injured in Nonsuch Park recently. Jane writes:

"Our dog cut her leg on something in the park near the entrance on Friday (15th April). She had in fact severed a small artery and was bleeding profusely. 

I was with my two young children and my friend's dog and was quite worried. A woman came up to see what was happening and said 'Don't worry, my daughter is a veterinary nurse' and went to get her from the path. 

The daughter came up, immediately realised how serious it was and tourniqued it off with a clean pair of her small son's pants and my daughter's hair tie. 

She got blood all over her as well and i didnt even really thank her as I just rushed off to the car to go to the vets.

I wondered if you could put this on the blog and ask her to get in touch with me, maybe through you?"
If you came to the rescue of Jane and her dog in Nonsuch Park, or know the people who did, do e-mail me so I can put you in touch with Jane.