Friday, 29 April 2011

Nasty Pizza Work

Fran has been in touch with a cautionary tale of an unfortunate experience she had whilst dining at Pizza Express in Worcester Park recently: 

"A white male in his 40s/50s came into the restaurant which was practically empty except for my table, and three others.

He chose to sit directly behind us. We thought this was weird and he had told the waitress that he was waiting for friends - even she admitted it was an odd choice to sit right behind us and right next to a couple.

I was catching up with school friends, so naturally we paid him very little attention but it seems most of the other customers noticed him and his odd behaviour as well as many of the staff. Eventually, after he had left, and as I went to pay the bill I realised my bag had been stolen. A brand new lilac blackberry curve phone, cards and nearly £40 in cash went missing as well as my driving licence and my keys.

As a result, I've spent the entire day and night blocking my phone, my cards, and getting new locks on the house just for safety measures.

The couple next to us said that they recognised this man, he was a local in Worcester Park or at least he has been sighted a few times in the area. When I rang my phone network they'd said international calls had been made too, so he might also be a foreign man, maybe someone new to the area. 

As far as I can remember he is a slim man, with greying hair and glasses and was wearing a light shirt and a long, dark trench coat at the time. 

This has caused me so much hassle, and to be honest, made me feel quite unsafe in a place I have always felt very comfortable."

You have been warned!

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Maureen Fisher said...

I know how you feel. The same thing happened to me a few years ago in the Harvester at the Plough. Luckily there were no cards or money in my bag, but he got my car keys and house keys!

HRH said...

Being suspicious of the man directly behind, I cannot believe the handbag was freely available! Common sense dictates this fool-proof equation: "suspicious to the power of ten, divided by move handbag well away, equals kept possessions".

blackberry store said...

Leaving all your belongings, Phone and wallet included is a big worry, especially in crowded places. You always have to assume that people won't return them to you. Not that I don't have faith in humanity, but that's how things usually go.

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