Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Lead Away and Ripped Off?

A couple of blog readers have alerted me to some thefts or attempted thefts of lead from houses in Longfellow Road on Sunday night/Monday morning. Henry e-mailed me to say:

"Sadly I have to report that last night in Longfellow Road someone tried to steal the lead off the bay window roofs of at least three houses. One house had its lead completely ripped off the bay windows and there are fingerprints on the side of one house where they have tried and failed to get the lead free.

Another house has also had its lead partly ripped off the bay window. Sad to report."

Meanwhile, could Dom be coming to the rescue of one Worcester Park household? Blog reader Jeanette writes:

"Dom Littlewood from Channel 5's Cowboy Builders has been spotted in a garden in Hampton Road today. The house owners were conned by a cowboy builder at the beginning of the year.

Rumour is that Channel 5 are going to be finishing off their extension for them."

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Anonymous said...

Re. the lead being stolen - we live in above one of the shops on Central Rd, and about 18 months ago were warned by one of the residents who lives above one of the shops on the KFC section of the high street about lead being stolen from their roofs. Apparently, at the time, the theives were caught red-handed by the Police while they were actually on the roof! So it appears worth reporting to the Police if people have concerns.

Anonymous said...

one of the houses was sadly ours, we have reported it to the police so please will everyone else too, you never know. We heard one of the guys shout 'Mike come and help me' so that's one name but we just thoguht they were drunks. I am just concerned that if we all replace the missing lead they will jsut come back and do it again - so if anyone else heard anything at all please can you let the police know

many thanks

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