Friday, 29 April 2011

Nasty Pizza Work

Fran has been in touch with a cautionary tale of an unfortunate experience she had whilst dining at Pizza Express in Worcester Park recently: 

"A white male in his 40s/50s came into the restaurant which was practically empty except for my table, and three others.

He chose to sit directly behind us. We thought this was weird and he had told the waitress that he was waiting for friends - even she admitted it was an odd choice to sit right behind us and right next to a couple.

I was catching up with school friends, so naturally we paid him very little attention but it seems most of the other customers noticed him and his odd behaviour as well as many of the staff. Eventually, after he had left, and as I went to pay the bill I realised my bag had been stolen. A brand new lilac blackberry curve phone, cards and nearly £40 in cash went missing as well as my driving licence and my keys.

As a result, I've spent the entire day and night blocking my phone, my cards, and getting new locks on the house just for safety measures.

The couple next to us said that they recognised this man, he was a local in Worcester Park or at least he has been sighted a few times in the area. When I rang my phone network they'd said international calls had been made too, so he might also be a foreign man, maybe someone new to the area. 

As far as I can remember he is a slim man, with greying hair and glasses and was wearing a light shirt and a long, dark trench coat at the time. 

This has caused me so much hassle, and to be honest, made me feel quite unsafe in a place I have always felt very comfortable."

You have been warned!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Pet Rescue

Jane has e-mailed the blog to try and track down a mother and daughter who came to her rescue when her dog was seriously injured in Nonsuch Park recently. Jane writes:

"Our dog cut her leg on something in the park near the entrance on Friday (15th April). She had in fact severed a small artery and was bleeding profusely. 

I was with my two young children and my friend's dog and was quite worried. A woman came up to see what was happening and said 'Don't worry, my daughter is a veterinary nurse' and went to get her from the path. 

The daughter came up, immediately realised how serious it was and tourniqued it off with a clean pair of her small son's pants and my daughter's hair tie. 

She got blood all over her as well and i didnt even really thank her as I just rushed off to the car to go to the vets.

I wondered if you could put this on the blog and ask her to get in touch with me, maybe through you?"
If you came to the rescue of Jane and her dog in Nonsuch Park, or know the people who did, do e-mail me so I can put you in touch with Jane.

Out Foxed

It's nearly three years since I first blogged about feeding the foxes of Worcester Park - a blog post which quite unexpectedly lead to a furious debate over our four-legged friends (and made the pages of the Sutton Guardian to boot).

Back then it was the anti-fox brigade leading the calls to stop feeding the foxes- but now I receive an e-mail from a fox lover imploring Worcester Park residents to stop feeding the local foxes:

"Feeding foxes makes them accustomed to human food (or dog/cat food if that's what you are doing).  As human food is high in calories the foxes will develop a taste for it and prefer it.  

Once the cute fuzzy cubs grow up and leave the den they will have to find their own food.  If their mother has only been bringing them sandwiches left out by well meaning locals the cubs won't know how to hunt vermin (which we want them to do) and will instead be looking for the food they are used to.  

Leaving aside the aesthetic concern that residents of several streets spend time every morning cleaning up the half eaten crusts scattered over thier gardens, if the foxes are hungry enough they will override their instinctive fear of people and will enter homes through open windows or doors, lured by the smell of familiar food.  

This is why young foxes start coming into peoples' houses - they are looking for food.  They are also opportunistic carnivores and may attack the family pet, or worse, if they see the prospect of an easy meal.
By feeding the foxes, residents are creating a potentially tragic situation, such as we all read about in the news last summer.  And for those who, like me, love foxes, it would be a gross injustice if, through well intentioned ignorance, some people cause foxes to lose their fear of humans and be branded a menace.  I for one would not like to see wholesale poisoning or trapping and killing of foxes because they have been made aggressive. 
Please, stop feeding the foxes so we can keep enjoying them for many years to come."

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Get The Party Started

With only a couple of days to go, are there any Royal Wedding street parties planned for Worcester Park?

Blog reader Donna writes:

"Many people i have spoken to would like to be part of something like this as it doesn't happen every day but do not know of anyone to contact. I am aware of only one which is to take place in Leyfield but is purely for residents and direct family of people from that road."

So if you know of any local celebrations, do let me know! 

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Pit Stop

Worcester Park's 'essential coordinated roadworks' may have finished a number of weeks ago but for residents of Lynwood Drive, by Barclays Bank, there is no end in sight to their 'two week' road closure which began way back on 17th January.

For it seems that contractors working on the 'Streets For People' scheme to resurface parts of the footways in Central Road have deemed that the junction of Lynwood Drive and Central Road is just too convenient a place to dump their mountains of sand and store their plant and equipment.

So months after the completion of the advertised two weeks of water mains replacement works, the road remains closed for the convenience of our beloved contractors, with residents having no idea when the road will finally be re-opened to traffic.

Never mind Streets For People. What about getting back our roads for residents?

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Post Mortem

I was so worried last week when, for three whole days, there was no sign of the postman bringing Mrs WP's daily deluge of online shopping parcels that I called the bank to check whether her credit card had been stolen.

Sadly it turned out it her card hadn't been stolen (which is a real pity as I'm quite sure that any thief would have spent less than she does) but it was all down to issues with delayed and erratic postal deliveries in Worcester Park.

It seems we are not alone - lots of you have been complaining on the blog about an unreliable postal service in recent weeks.

Liz contacted me to say:

"I am currently missing two parcels sent by John Lewis by Royal Mail around 22nd March, a small package also posted on 22nd, two e-bay parcels from different sellers sent on 22nd and 23rd and a parcel from my husband's work sent about 10 days ago. Oh and an Amazon delivery is very late.

Also post is very erratic. We get no post at all for 4 days, then a big delivery, then nothing for a couple of days and so on. God only knows what else is missing!

I’m about to make a formal complaint but wanted to know if anyone else is having any problems too."

Apparently there is a 'backlog' of parcels at the sorting office which they are struggling to sort through. Do let me know if you are still being affected by the current disruption.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Lead Away and Ripped Off?

A couple of blog readers have alerted me to some thefts or attempted thefts of lead from houses in Longfellow Road on Sunday night/Monday morning. Henry e-mailed me to say:

"Sadly I have to report that last night in Longfellow Road someone tried to steal the lead off the bay window roofs of at least three houses. One house had its lead completely ripped off the bay windows and there are fingerprints on the side of one house where they have tried and failed to get the lead free.

Another house has also had its lead partly ripped off the bay window. Sad to report."

Meanwhile, could Dom be coming to the rescue of one Worcester Park household? Blog reader Jeanette writes:

"Dom Littlewood from Channel 5's Cowboy Builders has been spotted in a garden in Hampton Road today. The house owners were conned by a cowboy builder at the beginning of the year.

Rumour is that Channel 5 are going to be finishing off their extension for them."

Friday, 1 April 2011

Spring Vin Bin - Wine Tasting Tonight!

The ever-excellent 'Vin Bin' wine shop on Worcester Park will be holding another free wine tasting evening tonight from 5.30pm to 8pm.

Spring is finally here, so they will be reflecting the change in weather and that little shift in mood that we all feel at this time of year. On offer tonight will be a variety of wines to suit the season, from South African and Italian wines, rose and even a prosecco. As always there will also be some great reds for those who prefer a darker tipple even in springtime. 

Pop along and enjoy (you can find Vin Bin at the top of Central Roadl, opposite the North End Tavern).

P.S: I enjoyed last month's Vin Bin 'Wine Of The Month' - the excellent Alturas Verdes Merlot (pictured) - so much that I was in no fit state to blog about it at the time. It's no longer the wine of the month, but still a cracking wine from Chile - very drinkable with pleasant hints of blackberries and cranberries. Highly recommended.