Saturday, 26 March 2011

Lost & Pound

I went to Poundland this morning to experience the family fun day. There were lots of families there (the fun was not immediately evident though). 'Big up' to the Poundland DJ who was standing by the entrance trying desperately to sound enthusiastic whilst reminding everyone ad nauseam that everything was just £1.

Kylie from Coronation Street was perched on a swivel chair near the Fray Bentos pies looking stoically cheerful as nonplussed shoppers passed her by (being, as they were, far more impressed by the sight of a bag of 6 Quavers for £1).

She had few takers for her autographs, so the store manager was chatting to her to keep her entertained as she smiled sweetly. As I wandered past I overheard him telling her that he didn't actually watch Coronation Street. Still she smiled sweetly.

Meanwhile, DJ Poundland reminded us for the third time in 10 minutes that it was Mother's Day next Sunday and it was a great opportunity for us to grab 'great gifts and stocking fillers.'. Ah, the traditional Mother's Day stocking...

I left as the DJ began the exciting Poundland 'Checkout Challenge' competition. Shame, really, as I could have won £10 of Poundland vouchers. Now that would have given my Mum an extra special stocking.