Sunday, 13 March 2011

Cone Not Cope

It's good to see that in amongst the cone forest of Worcester Park our beloved workmen are still at it on a Sunday. By 'at it' I mean sitting around chatting on their mobiles. Not all of them were chatting on their phones, to be fair  - one was asleep in the cab of his vehicle and another was texting.

If the misery of driving through the roadworks is getting you down, spare a thought for Worcester Park's local traders whose trade is taking a considerable from the disruption caused by the roadworks. I pity, in particular, The Midas Touch which is all but hidden behind cones and safety fencing.

Must pop in there soon for one of their £5 lunches - a good way to spend that crisp £5 note I found lying on the pavement at the end of Green Lane this afternoon. Apologies if that was yours!