Monday, 7 March 2011

Concerns Surfacing

As you will have noticed, blog posts have been few and far between recently - mostly because I seem to have spent every waking minute (and some sleeping ones too) of the last fortnight grinding through the interminable traffic that has cursed Worcester Park since Central Road was reduced to a single lane under the railway bridge.

This is, of course, the carmageddon that was predicted to accompany the second phase of the 'essential coordinated roadworks' - but as a number of blog readers have pointed out things appear to be running a little behind schedule. PJ writes:

"Bearing in mind the sudden implementation of the single way traffic lights at the end of February and the sudden gridlock this has caused after weeks of reasonable traffic flow, this lead me back to your website when apparently, the 7th February was the planned date for said contra flow.

If this is the case, things appear to be running at least 3 weeks behind schedule, thus making the overall planned completion of the scheme a little bit late to say the least.

Are any of your high powered contacts able to shed any light on works completed versus actual programme dates or should I look at selling my car and purchasing a helicopter as this could be the solution?"

Meanwhile, Geoff has spotted that the diversions for traffic normally using 'The Avenue' (by the Worcester Park Tavern) seem to be playing havoc with the road surfaces around Manor Drive:

"I'm not sure if it's my imagination, but to avoid the clag up at the end of The Avenue, I used to occasionally drive Cleveland Road/Highdown/Manor Drive to  get to the station. And, I don't remember the condition of these roads being so bad.

Now driving it most days because of the diversion, the roads seem to be falling apart. Great lumps of tarmac are missing in Highdown exposing the metal underneath, and there is one bloody great hole developing where Highdown meets Royal Avenue/Barrow Hill.

At the Manor Drive end of Highdown, it's like driving through a gravel pit !!

So, is it me, or are we heading for more chaos as these roads are ripped apart by the increase in traffic?" 

The road surface is indeed breaking up, Geoff. Looks like we are far from clear of the roadworks in Worcester Park. 

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Boscombe Road Resident said...

I think the road was falling apart before all this nonsense but I think it's probably gotten worse - I used to travel via Barrow Hill and Highdown before the carmaggedon ensued and I think there's always been a certain amount of erosion. Also, the giant hole at the top of Barrow Hill was fixed at some point last summer but it's obviously re-opened.

I can't really comment too much more on the condition of the roads as I've taken to going via the level crossing in Raynes/Motspur Park to get to Kingston but even that seems to have gotten worse since the one lane thing got put in place. Nightmare.

Susan Harris said...

It is a nightmare, why aren't we like America when for something that was causing this much chaos the workmen would be on a rota working 24/7 to get it finished, not take another 3 weeks or so!!! When my neighbour spoke to the council they didn't even know that traffic used teh Waitrose car park as a shortcut to try and get onto the main high street, thus nearly causing daily accidents with traffic coming out of Longfellow!!!!! How can they not know these things!!!

Anonymous said...

Just looking at Sutton Council's website, looks like the works is in phase 4 which is the last phase and this should take about 4 weeks, lets hope it doesn't last longer as this traffic is an absolute nightmare!

Roadworks suck of WP said...

I am losing the will to live and am now walking the 4.6 miles to and from work in an attempt to get there on time.
The earliest I can leave WP is 7.30am (as that's the time the nursery opens),south west trains inadequately serve my destination (and are very expensive), the buses are as bad as driving, I've had too many hairy moments as a cyclist to reconsider that option (I cycled everywhere for 6 years and never jumped a red light) and two feet are at least reliable.
However, rather than feeling virtuous, I just feel exceptionally annoyed. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Anonymous said...

According to the London Borough of Sutton website, which has just been updated, works should be finished on 18 March - so that's a week on Friday.

Anonymous said...

Its hard to believe that Highdown was completely resurfaced in 2003.Not surprising it has deteriorated in the last few months, what with the cold weather and the heavy volumes of traffic now being experienced.I suspect the specification for the tarmac was only for light road traffic.
And not the heavy lorries now using the road as a diversion,even though there is a 7.5 ton load restriction in place and a 20 mph limit for the entire Old Malden road network.

Steve (just passing by) Wright said...

This is from local Guardian website, at least until the 17th March

A2043 Central Road Worcester Park
At Green Lane
Last updated 6 days ago
Temporary traffic lights and gas main work on A2043 Central Road at Green Lane. Until 16:00 on 17th March.

8.00am Mon 10th Jan 11
until 4.00pm Thu 17th Mar 11

Anonymous said...

is it me or have the traffic lights had their timers changed and thus leaving no traffic up the high street??!!

Boscombe Road Resident said...

To Roadworks suck of WP, I just wanted to tell you I feel your pain. I drop my daughter at a nursery in North Cheam, so the earliest I get away in 7:35, by which time it's just madness out there. I'll continue my rather backwards commute via the level crossings!

Confused said...

I don't get it.

So much for 'Streets For People' improvement works. As far as I can see, holes have been dug and filled in, more holes dug and filled in. New gas/water/electricity mains have been laid and repaired but what about actually improving the aesthetic look above ground?

Kerbs have been replaced and metal barriers taken down, but there is so much more that could be done - A bus stop could have been inset in the current paved areas outside kingfish and on the opposite side of the road to allow flow of traffic when the S3 stops to pickup/set down. The pedestrian walkway under the bridge could be smartened up including pigeons removed.

All this disruption and not much to show for it.

Anonymous said...

Went down last Saturday and the traffic wasn't moving, just not moving for ten minutes at a time, and then it would advance a few feet. Overall took about 25 mins to get down the hill. On reaching the station bridge of course there wasn't a workman in sight, just two fellows in yellow jackets sitting at the temporary traffic lights having a cigarette.

This is an absolute disgrace, we should all be on at the Council, TFL and Paul Burstow or how about blockading Central Road until something is done. If the work is 'essential' (aka non-essential) why is there nobody actually doing the work...?

Welcome to modern Third World Britain.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the fining of contractors which ran late on roadworks which Boris Johnson put forward last year?

Did Sutton Council sign up to it, if so those doing Central Road should be getting worried. Either that or the fines are just not hefty enough.

Anonymous said...

If you think the roadworks are coming to an end you are going to be disappointed! See this report on the RBK website

Anonymous said...

Add the emergency Sewage Works in New Malden and it has practically brought the area to a stand still. Mind you at least your road works don't stink...............

Anonymous said...

Just had notification that parts of Highdown are due to be resurfaced on the 29th & 30th March.Well done Kingston for the prompt action.

Huey, UK said...

All potholes can easily be reported at, there's even "an app for that".

You select where it is on a Google map, write a short description about its size, etc, and you can even add photos! The website will then inform the relevant local authority on your behalf and they are then under an obligation to fix it! You can see on the map where other holes have been reported already.

If we all reported one hole each, it would break the back of it - who knows, they might even produce some 'co-ordinated roadworks' to resurface the *whole* of Highdown :o)

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