Monday, 7 March 2011

Concerns Surfacing

As you will have noticed, blog posts have been few and far between recently - mostly because I seem to have spent every waking minute (and some sleeping ones too) of the last fortnight grinding through the interminable traffic that has cursed Worcester Park since Central Road was reduced to a single lane under the railway bridge.

This is, of course, the carmageddon that was predicted to accompany the second phase of the 'essential coordinated roadworks' - but as a number of blog readers have pointed out things appear to be running a little behind schedule. PJ writes:

"Bearing in mind the sudden implementation of the single way traffic lights at the end of February and the sudden gridlock this has caused after weeks of reasonable traffic flow, this lead me back to your website when apparently, the 7th February was the planned date for said contra flow.

If this is the case, things appear to be running at least 3 weeks behind schedule, thus making the overall planned completion of the scheme a little bit late to say the least.

Are any of your high powered contacts able to shed any light on works completed versus actual programme dates or should I look at selling my car and purchasing a helicopter as this could be the solution?"

Meanwhile, Geoff has spotted that the diversions for traffic normally using 'The Avenue' (by the Worcester Park Tavern) seem to be playing havoc with the road surfaces around Manor Drive:

"I'm not sure if it's my imagination, but to avoid the clag up at the end of The Avenue, I used to occasionally drive Cleveland Road/Highdown/Manor Drive to  get to the station. And, I don't remember the condition of these roads being so bad.

Now driving it most days because of the diversion, the roads seem to be falling apart. Great lumps of tarmac are missing in Highdown exposing the metal underneath, and there is one bloody great hole developing where Highdown meets Royal Avenue/Barrow Hill.

At the Manor Drive end of Highdown, it's like driving through a gravel pit !!

So, is it me, or are we heading for more chaos as these roads are ripped apart by the increase in traffic?" 

The road surface is indeed breaking up, Geoff. Looks like we are far from clear of the roadworks in Worcester Park.