Saturday, 5 March 2011

Auction Near

If you're at a loose end today then you could do worse than heading off to the 4th Worcester Park Scouts HQ in Braemar Road.

My last visit to their auction conincided with Mrs WP developing what she assured me was a sudden involuntary spasm in her right arm, which landed us in all sorts of bidding trouble.

If you have any goods you want to sell, listing starts at 10.30 this morning. Viewing is from 1.30pm and the auction commences at 2.30pm.

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JasonJHunter said...

Another auction on Monday evening at the Civic Offices....

LBS will be holding a public council meeting to debate the budget including detail on where the cuts will hit us here in Sutton.

Whatever happens, I hope they spend our council tax wisely on things people want and need and not on refurbishing waste bins in the parks, more seating on the high streets and flower pots.

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