Friday, 4 February 2011

When I Need You

I gave 'Henry's Cafe' another go this week. They've FINALLY learned that gun metal grey walls don't make for the warmest of welcomes and have moved from monochrome to muted technicolour, but it's still a world away from the cheery buzz and warm welcome of its predecessor Berties.

Whilst there I overhead an elderly couple bemoaning the fact that The Seasonal Shop had closed ("such a shame"..."obviously wasn't making money"...). I was going to explain how the concept of a seasonal shop works, but didn't - just imagine the joy on their faces when it bursts back into life for summer.

Meanwhile, ever since I mentioned the Leo Sayer-alike, he is now there virtually every time I'm in Waitrose. I am convinced that he is stalking me (and the rest of the supermarket). Still, at least he hasn't started singing. Yet.

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Anonymous said...

As both seasonal shops have To Let signs up I doubt they will be springing back this year, which will be a real shame.

Me from WP said...

I am afraid the seasonal shops have gone for good. The people have sold up and moved on. The shop at the top of the road is still up for let but I have been told that the one on the corner of Caldbeck has been sold/let, but as of yet I am not sure what it's new use is.

Anonymous said...

Hope its not another Nails shop....nothing could be worse than another 'AMY'S NAILS'

BenjyP said...

If they are happy to pass on their supply chain details I woudl consider giving it a go, I struggle to believe that the same shop couldn't be set up again. I always thought it was a fantastic idea for a shop.

AllYouNeedIsNow said...

I always thought that the Seasonal Shop was raking it in. I envied the lifestyle I imagined they had, open for 4 months then closed for 2 months to recuperate in a Mediteranean villa. It all sounded too good to be true, and perhaps it was. There's got to be money to be made in that business!

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