Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Path To Destruction

Council cock-up or cost cutting conspiracy?

Construction of the footpath between The Hamptons and Buckland Way was dramatically halted after an eagle-eyed resident spotted a glaring error in a photo taken for the Worcester Park Blog.

Blog reader Paul from Buckland Way contacted the blog to voice his disapproval of the new footpath, accompanied with the photo below showing the line of the path marked out and construction about to begin - but it was only when he showed the photo to one of his neighbours that the Council's alarming error was spotted.

Paul takes up the story:

"In the planning application, the path was planned to go around the edge of the recreation field between the Hamptons and Buckland Way. However, the path was being constructed directly across the middle of the field with a proposed exit onto my neighbours property.

To say my neighbour was perplexed by this was an understatement - he quickly got on the phone to the Council. After getting nowhere with the person on the phone he escalated the process to her seniors and felt that he did not get anywhere there either.

Never one to be put off, he managed to track down one of the local Conservative ward Councillors who within 45  minutes of putting the phone down arrived at my neighbour's door to investigate.

After a bit of a chat, he disappeared off to Denmark Road and within a further 30 minutes work had halted.

A while later half the Council planners arrived and promptly re-marked the route of the new path after some serious discussions with my neighbour (on its original planned and approved route!).

Apparently, the path is short of funds so by going straight across the recreation field, I presume the council thought that they could save a bit of cash. What was going to be a tarmac path is now going to be gravel.

None of the residents in Buckland Way wanted this path for a variety of reasons and the Council thought they could cut corners (literally!)."

Council cock-up or cost cutting conspiracy?  You decide - but thanks to a blog reader's photo and the intervention of eagle-eyed local resident, the path is now being constructed on its originally designated route around the edge of the recreation ground.  

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Anonymous said...

Funnily enough I live on Buckland way (albeit on the other side of the road) and I never heard about this path, neither were we consulted about it!! Were does it arrive on Buckland way????
I personnaly don't mind, it's for pedestrians...as long as there are no cars I'm fine with it. Not sure the Hamptons people will be happy to see our children come play in their dedicated little privileged area but hey :)

Anonymous said...

Those living in the Hamptons cannot say anything about Kids playing in their "privileged area" as the open areas and The Hamptons are public open space and not private land.

The development has increased traffic down Green Lane 10 fold so local residenst should be able to get the benefit of some nice open spaces !!

Captain America said...

Actually the land in the Hamptons is private but with public access.

Anonymous said...

What ever .....

Anonymous said...

Just doing some research as we are considering to purchase a property at The Hamptons. There seems to be a bit of friction / disgruntled residents and a divide between the Hamptons and local residents which is a shame. I wonder how things are now ?

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