Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Moving Comments

I've had a couple of e-mails in recent days from prospective Worcester Park residents looking for a little local insight to help make up their mind on whether to move to the area.

Being kind, helpful types I'm sure you can help Justin and Margaret with their enquiries. First up, Justin writes:

"My wife, little girl (2yrs) and I are considering moving to Worcester Park and have been eagerly pouring over the blog to glean what we can about WP and are pleased with the kinds of opinions, contributions and desires which the bloggers express.
We've found a house we LOVE and have been driving around (despite the roadworks) ascertaining what we can. Primary schools seem to not be a problem and despite the secondary school black hole we're not too concerned (after all it's a decade away, or a bus ride away if nothing changes). Should we be?
Our main concern is that at first glance WP high street seems to be "on the decline", what with a closed M&S Food and many "bargain" stores etc. We've very keen to get some feedback from the locals on this, where is WP going? Up, down or nowhere in particular? Where's the cafe culture and restaurants? What do young Mums do?
From an outsider's perspective the net affect of the Hamptons (other than maybe on school places) seems to be zero right now, based on the cars the residents there drive it seems to be attracting the right kind of ameri-philes.
All thoughts advice welcome for some could-be WP'ers trying to weigh up house price/size vs the lifestyle of Teddington/North Kingston (big parks, river, cafes, restaurants...)"

And from Margaret:

"I’m looking at moving into the area as I’ve only heard good things about Worcester Park, I’ve been to the area numerous times and it seems really nice and peaceful.

Having read some of your blogs is Worcester Park I’m a bit concerned. We are looking at a house on one of the large roads near St Matthias church, is the area nice? Any advice/opinions would be gratefully received."

Over to you, dear readers, for your thoughts and opinions!