Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Moving Comments

I've had a couple of e-mails in recent days from prospective Worcester Park residents looking for a little local insight to help make up their mind on whether to move to the area.

Being kind, helpful types I'm sure you can help Justin and Margaret with their enquiries. First up, Justin writes:

"My wife, little girl (2yrs) and I are considering moving to Worcester Park and have been eagerly pouring over the blog to glean what we can about WP and are pleased with the kinds of opinions, contributions and desires which the bloggers express.
We've found a house we LOVE and have been driving around (despite the roadworks) ascertaining what we can. Primary schools seem to not be a problem and despite the secondary school black hole we're not too concerned (after all it's a decade away, or a bus ride away if nothing changes). Should we be?
Our main concern is that at first glance WP high street seems to be "on the decline", what with a closed M&S Food and many "bargain" stores etc. We've very keen to get some feedback from the locals on this, where is WP going? Up, down or nowhere in particular? Where's the cafe culture and restaurants? What do young Mums do?
From an outsider's perspective the net affect of the Hamptons (other than maybe on school places) seems to be zero right now, based on the cars the residents there drive it seems to be attracting the right kind of ameri-philes.
All thoughts advice welcome for some could-be WP'ers trying to weigh up house price/size vs the lifestyle of Teddington/North Kingston (big parks, river, cafes, restaurants...)"

And from Margaret:

"I’m looking at moving into the area as I’ve only heard good things about Worcester Park, I’ve been to the area numerous times and it seems really nice and peaceful.

Having read some of your blogs is Worcester Park I’m a bit concerned. We are looking at a house on one of the large roads near St Matthias church, is the area nice? Any advice/opinions would be gratefully received."

Over to you, dear readers, for your thoughts and opinions!

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Kathie said...

The large number of cheap-compared-with-the-rest-of-London 2/3/4 bed houses with gardens in Worcester Park makes it an attractive location for young families and you will soon meet up with other young families. You can get into Loncon easily on the train for museums, theatres, art galleries etc. People tend to stay for years so the community is pretty settled and stable. Crime rates are low. I have lived in Worcester Park for 20 years and loved it.

Anonymous said...

I have lived in Worcester Park for over 24 years and am very happy living here. Transport links are fantastic. There are lots of mother/toddler groups to meet other young mums - I made some of my best friends at these groups and am still friends after all these years. Lots of places to eat out. Come to Worcester Park - you won't regret it.

SheppyD said...

We have only just moved here a few months ago. I did post here about a year ago asking whether Worcester Park was a great place to move to or not.

Anyway so far I absolutely love it here. So happy we decided to go ahead and buy!

I would hand on my heart recommend it to anyone that asked.

Janet A said...

I grew up in WP and with regards to 2ndary school i would say it is perfectly placed to take advantage of some of the best schools in the country; e.g. Nonsuch, Wallington Girls & Boys, Tiffins Girls & Boys i could go on. Crime is low, people are friendly (if a bit nimby-ish) and there are lots of church and community groups for you to join if you are so inclined. I would say you could do a lot worse - and you have a KFC - trust me us Epsom & Ewellers are very jealous!

AnonyMouse said...

As a parent of young children and coming from the Kingston area before moving to Worcester Park, here are my pros and cons.

Pros: affordable, decent-sized housing; good transport links; relatively safe/quiet; great primary schools; lots of other young families; good community feel and friendly neighbours/shopkeepers.

Cons: though there are a few perfectly decent places, overall very small selection of nice eateries/pubs/cafes in which to have a relaxed coffee or sandwich with children in daytime or a good night out with other adults/partner -- we end up driving or getting the train other places much of the time (Kingston, Wimbledon, SW/Central London); decided lack of appealing decor/signage and not enough selection of shops on high street -- too many blinkin' charity shops and hairdressers!; lack of secondary schools; tedious though sometimes amusing 'class wars' between those perceived as too middle class (anyone who lives in the Hamptons and/or shops at Waitrose, apparently)and 'chavs' (which is apparently anyone who eats at KFC and shops at Iceland), judged by the masses who consider themselves just the *right* amount of middle class -- not so much that they'd ever be accused of being posh but not so little that they'd ever be caught dead queueing up for a bucket of chicken. I suppose that's the same all over the country though, so not unique to Worcester Park.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

I've lived very happily in Worcester Park since 1993. I can't comment on schools etc but, like others have said, the transport links into London are great and the high street is that rare thing nowadays - a healthy mix of household name stores and smaller local businesses. Lots of nice restaurants too. I would certainly recommend living here!

Jeff said...

Worcester Park is God's Own Country as far as I'm concerned. I moved here in 1970 from Chelsea where I was born, brought my children up here and wouldn't live any where else in the world. A large Tesco and Sainsbury are only a 5 minute drive away (normally) and there's a Waitrose, Iceland and small Sainsbury right on the doorstep.

Surrey is more expensive than Kent and Essex for property but there's still a good selection of places in a wide price range in Worcester Park. We're a mixture of middle and working class with a quite a few CEOs tucked away in the leafier extremities.

What are you waiting for?

David said...

In to my 4th decade of living in WP now. Have seen changes - some good some bad but on the whole it's a nice place to live and I don't intend moving anywhere else with my young(ish) family just yet. Yes, the high street is losing some good shops but I have seen much worse shopping areas.
Pluses: Good local infant/junior schools, there is a choice of two large(ish) supermarkets plus Sainsbury's Local and Iceland, the best-used small library in the borough, good bus and rail links, airports accessible, countryside and coast within easy reach by car...

Nichu said...

We moved here because we could afford a house here - any further into London and we'd need to stick to flats. It's fairly quick and cheap to get into London on the train. Kingston, Wimbledon and Sutton are nearby for shopping. Lots of parks, Nonsuch is particularly nice all year round for walks. We actually quite like the high street, it has a buzz about it. Most high streets in the UK seem to be in decline, the fact is that many people tend to go to larger areas for their main shopping, or use the internet. So I'm happy for there to be lots of varied charity shops there, better than empty units. Or lots of chi chi shops that look very pretty but no-one can afford to buy stuff from there. The library is nice and new and has a good selection of books and regular community events. And did I mention Waitrose! Have lived here for 2 years (also did some research using this excellent blog when deciding where to live) and have had no problems, have always felt safe. The traffic seems to be an issue but I moved here with no intention of having a car so it doesn't really bother me.

Justin said...

Hi guys, thanks WPB for posting my email and thanks for the responses. So far I think you've all confirmed that our initial observations were correct. Great place for houses, neighbours, friends, community etc. and not quite so good for high schools, restaurants, cafes, shops etc.

I guess AnonyMouse is the closest to having had to make the same decision we face. I guess the battle of the chavs and chav-nots is pretty standard for most of the country these days as you say!

AnonyMouse it sounds like you faced the same decision which we're currently mulling over (not an easy one!), seems from your comment about travelling away for evenings out that it is going to be a trade off rather than WP offering both property value and flourishing restaurant/cafe culture. So we have to decide if we think the pros outweigh the cons.

We're currently renting in Teddington which has all the pros everyone's mentioned here plus the river, bushy park, richmond park, lots of restaurants, nice pubs and cafes and good secondary schools close by - trouble is it comes at an additional £100k on your house - or one less bedroom, much smaller rooms, a garden you can just about swing a cat (with a short tail) in and I guess one more house move at a later date (don't get me started on stamp duty).

All further comments/input very welcome!!!

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

re: the concern over M&S closing down.

The problem with the shop was it didn't sell enough of any one particular thing (e.g not enough ambient food and not enough grocery-type goods, just a little of both). I think it was doomed to fail right from the outset. The rental costs that end of the high street are, apparently, ridiculously high. As a result, I suspect that it wasn't profitable enough for M&S and they pulled the plug quite soon into its tenure.
Pizza Express and Costa are recent(ish) high street additions to Central Road (I'll gloss over the multiple charity shops, hairdressers and betting shops). I suspect these two companies spend a lot of money on marketing when it comes to opening new stores. So... M&S disaster aside, I think WP looks good to retailers and, from my experience, and also people who choose to live here!

Go for it... (mum of 2 year old)

Anonymous said...

Anonymouse-brilliant! Best bit of social observation I’ve heard in a while. WP does seem to be subject to opposite ends of the posh v’s chav spectrum, although if you work in “worse” parts of London you’ll realise that the mere presence of a KFC hardly registers on the true chav scale. The problem with M&S was that they saw that Waitrose was in town and overestimated the market, when what was really needed in that location was something more mid range like Tesco or even Co-op.
Teddington, Richmond and Kingston we are not- we do need more cafe culture here- so please move here and help it happen!

Anonymous said...

Secondary Schools are a major problem. As Janet say’s there is an opportunity to get into the best Schools but these are highly selective and have massive competition from south London and Surrey so your kids will have to be massively lucky as well as clever to get in. The nearest schools in Kingston are Catholic so unless you are too there’s little chance there (my partner’s parents lied to get him into Richard Challoner School!!) and there’s not much other choice. The nearest community school is in Cheam and is massively oversubscribed due to excessive Selection in Sutton and WP is not even in catchment. So WP kids who are not catholic or super clever must end up having to travel miles to any other school that will accept them- it’s really not good enough. I don’t really agree with the Tory free school policy, but the Council have so spectacularly failed to provide adequate education for WP kids that setting up our own WP Community School may be the best option??

Geoff said...

I moved to Worcester Park in 1988. We then moved in 1995 and stayed in Worcester Park, so I think that says a lot. But it's also what other people say. Years ago I worked in London NW9 and had a colleague who lived in Staffordshire and hated London/suburbia. We had an appointment "dan sarf" and he came and stayed with us overnight. His comment the next day was "this isn't London!!". He is now a friend of many years who loves to come and stay with his family for a relaxing weekend!!

The other comment was when I was sitting in the doctors in Salisbury Road. A rep appeared looking a bit hot and bothered and was greeted by a doctor. The rep said "I have had a hell of a journey, but goodness, this is a bit of an oasis".

I would also pick up on the parks comments and say that although we don't have the sweeping fields of the London parks, we do have plenty of large and pleasant parks.

As regards local entertainment, sure there's not anything splashy, but we have had friends over and can always find a half decent restaurant, in my opinion anyway. The other option is learn to cook. And as many people have already said, the transport links are so good, that it doesn't really matter.

And for those who feel that self defined social status is important, remember that Worcester Park is split across 3 boroughs and I think that Kingston Upon Thames is a royal borough, so aspiration there then, but it is Greater London. Epsom and Ewell is part of Surrey so ideal for the country set. Sutton is a London borough, 'nuff said. Gosh, so much choice.

One day we will move, but I am in no rush at all.

Margaret said...

Thank you to all for your comments. It's very reassuring that people who have moved into the area both like it and tend to stay for numerous years.

I agree that the high street could be a bit better but hopefully this is something that improves over time. I'm a bit concerned with the secondary school issue as we will need to be looking at secondary schools for my eldest son next year.

Can anyone advise on the not so pleasant areas of WP? A lady I spoke to advised that the top and bottom end of WP are nice but the roads which tend to not be so nice and problematic are those around KFC and the ones leading up to the Hamptons. Would you agree with this?

Anonymous said...

Margaret when i moved to worcester park 7 years before the hamptons was built, i was told that the side of the high street where the hamptons is now was not as affluent as the other side of the high street, whilst i have now lived on both sides i can tell you that yes this is correct, however i can tell you that whilst the better side has better looking houses, it is with its set backs ie the railway line, traffic, roads that are not looked after properly.

So if you find a house you like and like the look of the street, just go for it.

Anonymous said...


I moved to Worcester Park when I was 11 and still live here at 31! Having lived here when I was in secondary school (went to Tiffin boys), I personally didn't find it a huge problem regarding schools (although best to get the train to Kingston in the morning). There were 3 other kids in my class who lived in WP and at least another 5 guys just from my year that lived in WP.

The very worst of the traffic in the mornings is always going towards Kingston. If you go towards Sutton then you almost have a clear route on the road.

All in all I have found WP to be an extremely pleasant and convenient place to live (certainly as an adult). You can tell WP's popularity by just getting the train! If you ever come back from London you will see the carriages almost empty out when you get to WP!

tjmreds said...

We moved here at the end of October and haven't looked back. Loving the area so far, friendly neighbours and lots of green space for the weekend walks. Ok the high street isn't amazing but name me a high street which currently is. There's a butcher, green-grocer and waitrose, what more could you want?

Jeff said...

I have to live here, its where my home is!
Its OK, I moved here 10 years ago because it has cheap property, close to work and the railway into London. Nonsuch park is also big bonus for me, and jogging though.
But we must be honest and admit that WP is pretty dull, and certainly does not have the vibe of Tedington, Kingston, Wimbledon, or even Epsom. I see Wp as gradually in decline, sleepy suburb for lower middle class managers/ reps and tradesman with too many vans in the drives.
I am really looking to move to a better area, close to a jogging park in a year or so.

Who? said...

Funny how I've checked this Blog quite a lot this year, but this one topic seems to have generated more replies in a shorter timescale than most I've seen. And great I say! It's a sign that people who live in this area are proud of it and want to share that fact with anyone who cares to ask. This is a good place to live because of the people. I watch the news and see all the grief around the country, but somehow in Worcester Park there is that sense that - even though the barrier of behaviour has been lowered across the country - heaven help you if you step over the line TOO far here. We will be on you, whether through challenging you in the street; letters in the Guardian or organising a support group. Good old Worcester Park.

Anonymous said...

I bought a house in Worcester Park just over a year ago having rented in nearby boroughs for a number of years. I looked round a lot of locations and finally decided WP was the best – cheaper house prices than some other local areas, Zone 4 (which works out quite a bit cheaper than Zones 5 or 6) if you travel into Central London each day and a decent sized ‘high street’ compared with other local centres like Motspur Park, Stoneleigh or even Raynes Park.

At first, I also wondered about the vacant shops around Central Road. However, having been here a while, you realise there aren’t that many and there are some really good/useful places both independent (fruit & veg shop, Avventura restaurant, Vin Bin) and national chains (Waitrose, Boots, Costa, WH Smith). If you do want the bigger shops then Kingston, Sutton and Epsom are close by; if you want a good night out, it’s only 10 minutes on the train to Wimbledon. It would be nice to have more of a restaurant/cafĂ© culture and young family-friendly venues but we’re going to have to create a demand for it and let local business people know we want it!

I don’t agree that the roads round the Hamptons are not so nice or problematic. On that side of Central Road, there’s Longfellow Road – a designated Area of Special Local Character with some really nice Victorian terraces and childhood home of former Prime Minister, John Major. Washington Road also has some really nice properties; Caldbeck Avenue has larger family homes – each road has its own character... Sutton Council’s street improvement scheme currently underway also promises to make that whole are round the station a bit smarter and nicer for visitors and residents (let’s hope so anyway!).

BenjyP said...

With regards to the bargain stores and charity shops on the high street I think that its fair to say almost all of them have been there for over 10 years and that they aren't a reflection of a declining high street, but of most high streets nowadays.

Schools, aren't they an issue in every London Borough?

Nicer areas, pay the extra 100k or marginly less to live in Tolworth, Morden, Sunbury, Sutton etc.

There are a couple of cracking restaurants, but not a huge selection.

Fantastic transport links until 12.30ish at night

Overall I think that you will be hardpressed to find a better value location to live than Worcester Park for the money you probably have free within Zone 4. There are many Pros and Cons but many of these will ultimatley be subjective and the priority of them being entirely influenced by your own needs and wants, other locations may be more suitable.

Jacey said...

Anonymous 10.26 - well said. And BenjyP. I'm gald people feel its okay.
I moved here in 1993 and lived in Longfellow Road for 13 years. Very handy and good for coming back from London late at night.
Have lived in Surrey ( I'll repeat that - Surrey - I hate people calling it London) for over 40 years. Things I like about WP will not be the same as others I'm afraid but I reserve the right to respond.
1.There is not a BIG school so we don't get groups hanging around all the time.
2. To me there are very good eateries - what DO people want? Glad there isn't a McDonald's, thank goodness and I feel sorry that KFC gets such a bad press on here. Restaurants seem quite busy mos of the time whenever I go by them.
3. Okay, the empty shops don't help but it is common place now. You've got them in Cheam amd New Malden. Yes I could do with less nail bars but that's a craze and may go soon. I remember someone saying she wanted Primark etc - do we? No thanks. No big shops is good and that's what Kingston is for.

For me, its good to get out if I want a night out in London or Kingston. I don't want to see WP overbuilt. Maybe it would be nice to have M & S back but we have a good butcher, greengrocer, baker, newsagents and Waitrose.

Okay, if I had a few thousand more I'd be in Surbiton but this is a good place with nice choice of properties and some beautiful houses too.

Caldbeck said...

I live down Caldbeck Avenue which is the road that KFC is on. I wouldn't suggest living at the end nearest the high street because a lot of people do tend to park there to pop in to KFC and a lot of chavvy types tend to eat outside in their cars and chuck the rubbish out of the windows. However, further down the road is absolutely fine, we've never had any problems with noise or anything.

Anonymous said...

WP has never been the same since Cagneys closed. And there isn't even Sugar Rays in new malden either.

You might enjoy WP but as your kids grow up they'll grow to hate it and be itching to get away.

At least there's a KFC.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised everyone on here is saying Worcester Park is let down by a lack of good Restaurants and Pubs. I love the choice of restaurants and pubs in Worcester Park. Fair enough they are not Claridges but there are lots of nice independant places with very friendly staff and a great atmosphere. How about A'roma on Church Road, one of my favourite restaurants in London and their set menu is brilliant value. The Royal India at the top of the High Street is also a great Indian. I've also heard great things about Aventura but haven't made it their yet. The HG Wells is also a great pub and their food good value and tasty too, fair enough the service can sometimes be a bit ropey but the staff are always friendly and we always have a good time there.

Also, don't forget Worcester Park is in Zone 4. So if you are a commuter it saves you a ton of money a year versus Kingston or Teddington as well as your house being considerably cheaper.

My now huisband and me moved here 3 years ago and love it too for all of the above reasons. Nonsuch Park is beautiful too, a perfect place to go for a stroll at the weekend (we even got married there in September).

Hope that's helpful.

Anonymous said...

I moved to WP about 5 years ago looking for a first time buy. I was renting in Surbiton but WP offered cheaper housing,I bought a 3 bed house for the price of a flat in Surbiton.

WP will be a short term stop for me, I will look to move in the next 12 months my comments for what they are worth are as follows:

Pro's - Transport links are good, mainline train to Waterloo and Mordon Tube is close by. Road links are also quite good. Housing is quite cheap.

Con's - Road traffic is pretty bad, highstreet is worse too many charity shops and salons. No decent resturants and the place is full of "working class" white van man types. I find that most of the working class have chav'y families are rude and anti social.

The area doesn't have alot to offer long term and is pretty run down. I plan to move somewhere less chav'y.

Are the Hamptons really that nice.....I wouldn't buy here !!

Emma said...

I grew up in Worcester Park, moved away briefly for two years, then bought a flat myself here as a youthful 20 year old! Still here in a lovely house 16 years later with a young family, so maybe I am biased but I love it!

With a young family there is a great community for mums and dads, the schools are good, the playgroups are excellent. We are blessed with several parks, not overrun with bored teenagers and everyone in my experience lives in harmony.

You get out of a community what you put into it, If you want to meet lovely welcoming people there are ample opportunities. The high street is functional, it wont set the world alight but there are the basics and Epsom, Sutton and Kingston are on your doorstep.

Everywhere can be accused of having chavvy elements and I am unsure why the working class have been branded rude and anti-social, in my experience class only matters if you aspire to be better than others. More affluent areas have relative problems with social interaction not necessarily better.

Move here and help us make the future generation proud of our town!

Geoff said...

Can someone define what a chav is please, preferably not cut and pasted from the Daily Mail? There seem to be a lot in Worcester Park, along with, God forbid, the working classes, or is it lower middle classes? Are they all the same? And is every other vehicle a white van? And when you need a tradesman to fix something for you, do you turn him away if he arrives in his white van? Especially if it smells of KFC, eh?

And to those poor souls that complain that they have had to put up with such trash and rudeness, can you not see that your attitude is in itself trashy and rude?

So why don't you just move?

Oh, of course, you probably can't afford to.

Anonymous said...


For your information, a Chav is:

White Trash, an English Redneck (without the beard, mullet and shotgun). They are what Marx called the under class.

Most people consider them to be unemployed, council house dwelling, benefit scrounging and the route of anti social behaviour.They like nasty gold jewellery and were track suits and don't own a pair of leather shoes. This maybe popular opinion but....

In my opinion they are not just confined to the council estates and unemployed. Its all about the attitude, it doesn't always have to do with money as there are plenty of rich chavs out there (Katie Price etc).

Like wise you don't need to be rich to be middle class as its about having a certain demeanour, level of education and self presentation.

BenjyP said...

Anonymous commenting on Geoff. Are you a Chav or middle class? Given the introspective and articulate nature of your comment I would have said Middle class, however given the incorrect use of "were" instead of wear I suspect that you may be a Chav.

Are there any other classifications of residents of WP? The mums with kids? The old folks? The Emo Kids?

Anonymous said...

Interesting few comments above. I particularly hate it when people use the term working class- after all aren’t we all pretty much slaves to the wage! This has nothing to do with economic status it has to do with cultural class- i.e. how people choose to dress, where they eat, shop and socialise, the car they drive, the paper they read, the t.v. they watch etc etc blah blah blah. It’s all very tribal. Of course it’s understandable that people want to socialise with and live near people that share the same tastes as them, but this is very different from looking down on people that do not have the same personal preferences as you. Anyone who considers that their own tastes actually make them superior to other people, is just your typical rude and deluded snob. But perhaps WP could do with more of a mix of shops, restaurants and activities to appeal to a wider range of personal tastes.

Anonymous said...

Well, this topic is becoming quite compelling. I find it interesting how topics often take a turn and the conversation changes.

I find it a little obtuse when people post comments such as "were" and "wear".........."Im so clever your so stupid". Its very easy to pick holes in someone's work and feel that you have made a worthy contribution to the discussion, when infact you have added little value at all.

I digress.......

I have no issue with working, middle, upper class. I agree with the post 08/02/11 4:58, that its nice to live in an area where your neighbours have similar values and interests.I also agree with the deluded snobs remark as its so true.

My final comments on the topic of chavs, is that a chav has no sense of social responsibility i.e. everyone has a responsibility to society and needs to make a contribution. This can just be a parent bring up the kids to respect others, seeing some litter and picking it up even if its not yours, working in the local charity shop, paying your due's Tax wise (to all those exiles out there). We may not like it but we all equally responsible.

There are plenty of working, lower, upper class chav's out there..................Oh an I purposefully use a lower case "c" in the spelling of chav as they dont deserve the notability of the upper case's

Seoul Residential (Seoulian_living ) said...

I have read the main post as well as some of the feedbacks. I have to say, I agree WP is a great location to be, the nearby schools, the houses are great and relatively cheap, transport is good, there are lots of good local stores, as well as great restaurants that serve till late but so is New Malden and the surounding areas.

We currently have houses in the area should you be interested in having a glance at them, the beautiful pictures and know more about the surrounding benefits, do contact us 0208-942-3579. We will be happy to guide you through!
Check our facebook ( or twitter ( for updates too..
Wishing you the best in your findings!!!!!

Louisa said...

Hi there as a 'Hamptons' resident and a mother of 3, 14yrs, 9yrs & 3 years I would avoid the area from lack of nursery and reception school places my soon still has no hope of a nursery place as the waiting lists for Green Lane, Cheam Common & Dorchester are so long and they have all said being on the waiting list is a pointless act, I am dreading reception placement.
My daughter has to attend a secondary school in Croydon as Cheam Common has still not got a space even though she will be entering year 10 in September!

The traffic is depressing it is easier to walk but also dangerous as the voloume of cars racing through is high.

The shops are on the decline and there is no social life for stay at home mums I have been here since 2005 and would have moved if it was an option for me, Worcester Park has changed a lot and it has turnedinto a Rosehill type of place to live.

On the positive public transport links are great!

Sue said...

If you are still looking for a nursery place for your child and he was 3 before Sept 2011, there are places at Green Lane. If he is for this Sept, then places have not yet been allocated to anyone, so you have as much chance as any one else on the Hamptons of a space.

Left of WP said...

Thanks for your honest assessment of the shortcomings of Worcester Park for families. It is basically a complete and utter disgrace that there are so few school places available that your daughter cannot go to a local school as a result of a real failure for some years by local and national politicians alike. I’m not particularly keen in general on the Government’s Free School Policy, but I can see that it may be of real use locally in WP in allowing us to fill the gap in school places. To be fair, this does give a chance for local residents to take a lead in setting up a local school. Yes that would be a massive challenge but if the Council won’t act then maybe we should take matters into our own hands? I would happily get involved in a local project like this but would anyone else be willing to be involved? The biggest problem will be a feasible local site- any ideas ??

Bexer56 said...


We have just moved to the area 6 months ago from Tooting and we absolutely love the area. I have 2 children aged 3 and a new baby 7 weeks old. I agree with the nursery issue, I applied for cheam common and just got a letter to say we are on the wait list for a nursery place which is very frustrating as I am on maternity leave and my son really needs to go to nursery. We have to use his 15 free hours at a private nursery but still ends up being very expensive. 

However in terms of social life for stay at home mums we do lots of things. Since moving to the area  6 mths ago I set up a netmums group to meet local mums. Within a few days I had around 15 women all wanting to meet up and we have started to do so on a  regular basis. You are welcome to meet up with us our epsom and ewell facebook page below. We go to cheam park, Jellbugs in Ewell or just to Cuddington recreation ground to the park. I also go to a playgroup at St Marys church on a Friday morning. 

The high street I find to be ok, there is a lot of traffic and we have not eaten out at any of the local restaurants. However moving from Tooting it is a much quieter high street and has most things that you need.

Overall we love living here and think is great for young families. We are halfway between worcester park and Stoneleigh which I think is a little quieter as 10 mins from high st.

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