Thursday, 17 February 2011

It's Grim Up North Cheam

Blog reader 'The Dan' was perusing The Sun's City section (the journal of choice for all financial high-fliers, as he aptly puts it) and spotted an article about the increasing number of boarded up shops on local high streets (a perennial topic on the Worcester Park Blog).

The Dan writes: "Included is a list of those suffering the most - after Margate it's mainly a rabble of northern towns in areas of economic woe, until a little further down the list you come to Worcester Park's beloved neighbour - North Cheam. It's good to know in these difficult times that we're not feeling the pinch quite as badly as the poor folk the next town over..."

Are there really 25% of shops in North Cheam boarded up? I appreciate that the derelict eyesore that is Victoria House (by the crossroads) will contribute hugely to the number, but I would be very surprised if there really were 25% of shop units empty in North Cheam.

Of course if anyone has the time and inclination to go and count for me.....