Friday, 11 February 2011

Hood Advice

Blog reader 'S' has e-mailed me with this worrying tale, to alert fellow Worcester Park residents:

"At about 2pm two young men in hooded jumpers rang on our doorbell. My Mum was home alone and opened the door to them. They tried to come in through the door and she shoved the door shut quickly and pulled the bolts across, she then pressed our panic button (our house alarm comes with those) as they smashed the glass panel next to our door and tried the latch on the door.

Our Mum thought they looked dodgy because they both had their hoods up and one had his face up close to the glass in the door. Unfortunately she did still open the door! 

She saw one man and he looked to be in his early 20's and is white. She didn't see the other one to be able to say anything other than that he was of the same build as the first man. She won't be opening the door to people unless she knows them now. I just thank the heavens that she wasn't hurt.
Beware Worcester Park Residents!"