Monday, 31 January 2011

Sent Packing

I see that Iceland is going to be closed for refurbishment for one week from 6th February (although it seems they can't wait that long and have already started dismantling the ceiling in anticipation).

Admittedly the closure won't affect me too much as I (along with Andrew Collins, the Leo Sayer-alike, and not-Alan-Titchmarsh) am an ardent Waitrose devotee.

On the subject of Iceland, though, what is it with their policy of only packing one item into the carrier bag for you and then leaving you to do the rest? Are they packing the first item for me just so I can get an idea of the technique?

Meanwhile in the haven that is Waitrose there appears to have been a shocking breakdown of their normally faultlessly polite packing of bags, which can surely only be a precursor to the downfall of the middle classes and mass disorder on the streets of Worcester Park.

First there was the indignity of being served by  a New Person last week who was not au fait with the principle of not shoving items through the scanner at 100 MPH and not moving on to serve the next customer before the last has finished packing. Shudder.

Then on Saturday (having carefully opened by bag-for-life) my items were scanned and left on the side and I was bluntly instructed 'you can pack those when you are ready' (I was minded to declare that I wasn't ready, and would Tuesday suit)?

It was almost more than I could cope with.