Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Late Broken News

Every committed to bringing me accurate up-to-the-minute news of goings on in Worcester Park, Mrs WP has just come up with this gem of information:

Mrs WP: "Oh, I forgot to tell you - guess who I saw in Waitrose last week?"
Me: "No idea."
Mrs WP: "You know that bloke from the Alan Titchmarsh show?"
Me: "Which bloke from the Alan Titchmarsh show?"
Mrs WP: "Alan Titchmarsh"
Me: "Really? When?"
Mrs WP: "Last Tuesday, I think it was. No, maybe Wednesday"

So there we go. Mrs WP thinks she saw Alan Titchmarsh in Waitrose in Worcester Park at some point last week.

I've seen Andrew Collins in there plenty of times. And the bloke who looks like Leo Sayer seems to be in there pretty much all the time (do you know the one I mean?), but I have no idea why Mr Titchmarsh should grace us with his presence.

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Partner said...

I work at Waitrose and I can assure you that Alan Tichmarsh did not visit last week! But I DO know the guy who looks like Leo Sayer. I've often remarked on the striking similarity.

We've been visited by the bloke who plays Nick Cotton in EastEnders, someone from a boyband and Saskia and Maxwell from Big Brother.

Lord Cynic of Lindsay said...

Saskia and Maxwell! - oh, the dizzy heights of celebrity. I must get down there with my autograph book

Anonymous said...

Who is Andrew Collins?

Rick said...

WP, could you remove any references to Saskia and Maxwell being seen in Worcester Park? As it is, the economy is struggling, without you reducing the value of every KT4 address by 10%.

And if Katie Price starts visiting Pets Place, to look for the next husband, we're looking at serious negative equity.

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