Friday, 7 January 2011


It's the calm before the storm - the carmageddon of the 'essential co-ordinated roadworks' in and around Central Road begins on Monday, and will last (in varying degrees) for two and a half months.

Soon we will look back on these halycon days when the traffic sped along Central Road at 6 miles per hour in the morning rush hour. Veteran Worcester Park residents will regale the younger folk with tales of the good times, when you could get from North Cheam to Old Malden in well under an hour, as they wipe away nostalgic tears from their fume-smothered faces.

To remind you of the horrific details of what is about to be unleashed on Worcester Park:

From Monday 10th January:
  • Green Lane will be closed at the junction with Central Road (outside Kingfish) for two months for gas mains replacement works
  • Park Terrace will be closed at the junction with Malden Road (outside the Worcester Park pub) for two months for gas mains replacement works
  • Lynwood Drive will be closed at the junction with Central Road (outside Barclays Bank) for two weeks for water mains replacement works
From Monday 7th February:
  • Central Road will be reduced to a single lane between its junctions with Green Lane and Park Terrace. Traffic lights will control the flow of traffic. 
From Monday 31st January:
  • Longfellow Road will be closed between Green Lane and Browning Avenue for 'entry treatment' works for one month
Footway Closures:

Just to catch out those who thought they could walk through Worcester Park to avoid all the chaos, there will a various footway closures along on Central Road (between Lynwood Drive and the railway bridge on both sides), along Malden Road (between Park Terrace and the railway bridge) and in Green Lane between No.4 Green Lane and the junction  with Central Road) from 10th January for two and half months. 

Good luck Worcester Park!

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janet a said...

Wow! I love WP but can honestly say I'm so glad I don't live there at the moment - it's going to be hellish. The sympathies of the Ewellites are with you people (we had 3 months of this before christmas)!!!

Martin Brown said...

It is at time like this when I'm glad I work at home.

minigee said...

I am dreading this so much that I can't really take it in! Really no pedestrian access? How are people to get to the railway station from the High Street?

Worcester Park said...

There will be pedestrian access maintained, so they won't be closing both sides at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Looking on the bright side, this will force people who'd otherwise drive to walk/use public transport. With any luck, a good number of them will continue to do so after the roadworks are finished.

Minigee said...

LOL! That's a relief - the whole thing has got so bad in my imagination that I was almost prepared to believe there would be no way to walk under the railway bridge for 6 weeks. On the other hand, every now and then I imagine that all the people who drive through Worcester Park every weekday will magically find other routes and we will have a weird and lovely traffic free couple of months. Well, I can dream.

D Watson said...

i too am confused as to the locations and degrees of inconvenience to both pedestrians and vehicle users.

Will this affect any bus routes? I imagine the S3 would be curtailed.

Any chance of a map showing the areas concerned WPBlog? It would help loads! Perhaps someone out there can draw one up?

I'll then know which side of the street I can walk!

I. Walker said...

I saw somewhere that there are also road works/closures on london road in north cheam happening at the same time. Does anyone know if this is true?

Anonymous said...

There are, indeed, road works on the London Road at North Cheam. They were due to have started on 4th January and run until 25th January, but there has been only minimal sign of activity so far. Lane closures are, however, forecast and the recommended diversionary route in TfL's Traffic Order is - wait for it! - down Central Road to the A3. So much for co-ordinated works.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone what has happened to the E16 to/from Epsom !!!

Marsh said...

Does anyone know if the 151 & 213 buses are running normal services and if they will only be disrputed from 7th Feb?

Faizan said...

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Jeff said...

Green Lane to be closed again to all traffic from 2 July 2012 for six months! That's the message on a number of Sutton Council notices attached to lamp posts in Green Lane that I read yesterday. I couldn't believe my eyes. They're going to close Green Lane to traffic between numbers 44 and 62 (I think those are the house numbers) until December - with the option to make further closures for another year! It's all in aid of the new flood prevention plan for the adjacent Beverley river. The footpath is also going to be closed between Beverley Close and Green Lane.

So once again everybody who lives in the Hamptons, Pembury Avenue and Kingshill Avenue will be bottle-necking through Lincoln Way and Longfellow Road.

Has anybody else read these notices - please tell me I mis-read it but I don't think so!

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