Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Doorstep Collection Warning

Local MP Paul Burstow has visited the British Heart Foundation Shop (BHF) in Worcester Park to highlight the issue of ‘commercial’ doorstep collections of clothings and second-hand goods.

The MP urged people in his consituency of Sutton and Cheam to be vigilant when making doorstep donations of second-hand goods because they could be lining the pockets of third party organisations working for profit, with very little of the proceeds going to charities.

Mr Burstow is supporting the BHF’s nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the effect these commercial doorstep collections are having. The BHF has seen a 25% drop in household collections due to this commercial activity which will cost them a staggering £3 million in the next year – money which could be spent in the fight against heart disease.

Commenting, Mr. Burstow said, “Companies working for commercial gain are a huge problem for charities. I’d like to highlight that 100% of the profits made from donations to the BHF in Sutton, Cheam and Worcester Park stay with the charity and help them continue their lifesaving work, whereas as little as 5% can go to a charity via a commercial collection. It’s only right that householders are given clear information from collectors about where the proceeds of their goods are going, so they can make an informed choice.”
The scourge of the commercial doorstep collections is also a favourite subject of fellow Worcester Park blogger  'The Brinkster' (check out his blog for details on recent commercial collection goings on in Worcester Park)
The BHF carries out doorstep collections using clearly identified vans and drivers. Their advice to householders:

· Take your donations directly into your local charity shop or donate to a charity that organises its own collections

· Ask the collector for identification – sometimes donations are stolen from doorsteps before official collectors get there

· Check collection bags and leaflets for clear information about how much of the proceeds from your goods go to that charity

More information is available at bhf.org.uk/rightbag

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Anonymous said...

That's all well and good but maybe he should also find sometime to stop the Tories from destroying our education system and National Health Service. Oh and maybe some time to read up on the Lib Dem election maifesto as they seem to have conviently forgotten everything that was in it.

Anonymous said...

That great but maybe he could also find some time in his diary to stop the Tories from destroying our education system and National Health Service - oh and maybe also re read the Lib Dem election manifesto as they see to have forgotten everything that was in it.

axlrocky said...

well said anon - sooner this bare faced liar (and Davey in Kingston) gets voted out the better, sold his principals, misled his electorate and washed any credibility down the river for a shiny badge and a job in westminister - worst kind of scum

But the BHF seems like a worthy cause so wont get irate!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with both. I voted lib dem to keep Stroud and the Tories out and I'm now quite worried to see how quickly they're attacking health and education plus the cuts they've made to Kingston and Sutton Council budgets. Davey and Burstow are both strangely silent on this, whereas last year they'd be jumping up and down about the injustice of our Council's having to take an above average cut when we already get much less gov. grant than other boroughs. Kingston gets £45mil, Sutton £63mil but Wandsworth gets £172mil!!- no wonder they can afford to give their millionaire residents the lowest Council tax in London, whereas we all get fleeced to make up the shortfall from government. But don't worry, Kingston Council have launched a consultation into what we want to see axed- care for the disabled, libraries, parks- it's your choice!! Surprisingly Senior Officer pay wasn’t an option for cuts. http://www.kingston.gov.uk/budget_consultation_2011-2012

Gordo's Neighbour said...

Anon x 2 and Axlrocky - whilst I am no fan of Paul Burstow, I find your cyncism more malignant. What would you have had the Lib Dems do after the elections? Get into bed with Labour? Let the country stew in a government-less state in the middle of a sovereign debt crisis sweeping through Europe?

The Lib Dems put up, knowing that it would cost them dear in the public perception (to be associated with spending cuts that ALL 3 parties agreed was necessary during the elections). That's courage.

And I do believe the Lid Dem's involvement has brought this Tory-led government closer to the centre-left than they otherwise would have.

axlrocky said...

gordo's neighbour - i would have had them stand by there principals, have a hung parliament , which would have triggered a less media frenzied election, had a proper result and the lib dems could have kept a shred of credibilty. At least now everyone can clearly see that my opinion of Burstow, Davey and Kramer before the election was completely true, self serving, liars with a big marketing machine that represents no policies, no principals and no point. they can enjoy their five minutes in the sun because noone will ever trust them again. 2010 the year the lib dem movement died.

axlrocky (thwack....yes darling!) said...

axlwifey says axlrocky is no longer allowed to "rant after the pub" about Messrs Davey, Burstow and Kramer, even though they grind my gears! Your hereby ordered to disregard all comments posted after midnight of a political persuasion Mr WP Blogger from me!

Rick said...

Gordo's Neighbour, yes it seems we've been thrust into a financial crisis by one centre-left Government and now, with a replacement, extra liberal, centre-left Government, it seems we've got little chance of getting out of it.

The last time I recall this sorry state of affairs was back in the 1970's, when, strangely enough, we had another centre-left Government. I'm trying to recall how we clawed our way out back then...

In the meantime, in contrast, it seems the German economy is doing extremely well, which coincidentally happens to be run by strong willed woman from the right of the political spectrum.

Rick said...

PS As for Paul Burstow, I can see him on a forthcoming edition of the BBC's ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’… where he finds out that he’s descended from both the lookout on the Titanic and the fire safety officer on the Hindenburg airship.

Anonymous said...

Axlrocky- pub on a Monday night?! You’re clearly having more fun than me in WP!

Gordo’s Neighbour- Didn’t mean to be too cynical about the lib dems as I really don’t blame them for taking the opportunity to get a few of their policies through and they can’t expect to have too much influence as they are the “junior” partner. I’m just a bit alarmed at the scale and speed of the Tory cuts/ reforms, particularly on health but I certainly don’t hold the lib dems responsible for that! My comment was more to do with how the 2 local MPs (who I thought were generally quite good actually) not showing support for residents over cuts to Council funding as they would’ve done in the past. But I guess that’s the reality for all MPs becoming Ministers.

axlrocky said...

See the illustrious Mr Davey made the Evening Standard Page 3 for fiddling his expenses last night - £119 telephone bill rejected by IPSA, must be why he hasnt updated his twitter feed since the election and is unable to address his electorate out of an election (posted whilst sober)

Rick said...

Axlrocky, as a highly respected Liberal Democrat MP, Mr. Davey is clearly above scrutiny and it is both highly irresponsible and against the public interest for the media (or members of the public like you) to infer otherwise or report this event.

It was clearly an honest mistake, most likely brought about by the pressure of a sincere commitment to submit legitimate expenses and the deepest dedication to honesty and integrity.

If anyone requires further unbiased and authoritative reassurance, they should contact their nearest Liberal Democrat Councillor and/or WP blog writer coffee man.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority has clearly failed here and needs to focus on its principal role of investigating and exposing cases of fiddling expenses by Labour or Tory MPs.

As a complete solution, and to prevent this unfortunate event reoccurring, I suggest Mr Davey is immediately awarded a greatly enhanced expenses package and the discredited IPSA are directed to accept any of Mr. Davey’s claims without question.

Alistair said...

I read in The Times that Ed Davey had his phone bill rejected because he didn't submit the receipt. He's now looking for it and will presumably re-submit his claim when he's found it. We've all had a run-in with the Expenses Stazi at some time or another, haven't we?

Why can't I select twitter for my profile?

axlrocky said...


based on your comments I have reassesed my opinion of ed davey as an opportunist, lying, cheating, hypocrite and will from this moment on beleive every word a liberal democrat says.

thank you for highlighting the errors of my ways.

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