Sunday, 23 January 2011


The first part of the 'Streets For People' improvement works to Worcester Park has taken place, with the removal of those hideous railings around the pedestrian crossing in Central Road (outside Costa Coffee / One Stop Party Shop).

I must admit I was a bit cynical (no, really!) about whether TFL's money would be well spend in this 'decluttering' exercise, but I have to say the simple act of removing the railings has made Central Road look a whole lot better already. So far so good.

Blog reader Ann is also pleased to see the back of the railings:

"Isn't it wonderful to see all those horrible railings taken away, the road has started to look the way is was years ago when I first moved here."
The only thing I do miss, though, are the planters that were put on the railings just over a year ago (let's hope they will be re-used elsewhere locally, so our council taxes won't have been completely wasted on purchasing them).

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Kendo said...

Hey WP - would they be the hideous railings that are right in the centre of the picture at the top of the blog? Go on - update it, you know you want to!! ;-)

Lord Cynic of Lindsay said...

I don't get it. Is this another huge money-wasting exercise. In the old days there were no railings, then we had railings, now we don't. In the future they will no doubt be put back. Planters appeared atop these railings less than a year ago, now they are gone. The Lib-Dems were responsible for "municipalising" Central Road in the late 1980s, now it is being de-municipalised.
On the plus-side, has anyone seen the fine new trees planted in place of the Lombardy poplars at Malden Green. I am surprised that WPB has not featured these in his blog considering the hoo-ha over the poplars' removal.
Anyhoo, as they were planted in the depths of December's ice age, I reckon less than half of them will take - especially if they were bare-rooted.

Anonymous said...

Lord Cynic of Lindsay you have hit the nail on the head . The councils are just trying to use up cash surplus's before the end of the financial year.(yes wasting money)But surely in this age of elf & safety they will have to put railings back to stop people getting run over or will they pedestrianise Central Road.i wrote to the Blogmaster about the trees being planted in December and not a mention. We do try.

Anonymous said...

The railings may have looked unsightly, but I can't help think of the safety issues that could now arise. I saw a little girl scooting away and winced when her mum directed her away from the curb. An accident waiting to happen!!!!

Disappointed Optimist said...

Are we sure it's the Council/TFL that have removed them and not some enterprising scrap merchant taking advantage of the confusion to make a few quid?

On the other hand it could be the Council selling them for scrap to try and balance the books.

How long do we reckon before the first accident??

Worcester Park said...

Just in response to a few recent comments, above, funding for these works comes from TFL, so not directly from Sutton Council's budget.

Also, as to the H&S arguments and those who fear imminent carnage because the railings are no longer there, the risk is no greater than on the other 99.9% of roads which don't have railings on them.

Unless, of course, you are suggesting that we should have railings running the entire length of Central Road just to be on the safe side?

Longster said...

I'm glad the planters are gone. They were pretty but they got in the way of my vision when I was trying to get out of Longfellow. It's much easier now.

Does anyone know what other improvements we have in store?

Anonymous said...

Glad the railings have gone because let’s face it, railings just make a place look grim e.g. Tolworth Broadway! In terms of safety, railings can actually encourage drivers to go faster and pay less attention because they feel segregated from pedestrians like they’re on a race track not on the busy shopping street which Central Road is. Shame they can’t take the railings out under the railway bridge but that really would be a safety risk! Talking of the railway bridge what about a mosaic mural under the bridge like the ones near Kingston Station? I can’t decide whether they look tacky or not but it would brighten it up.

Phillip said...

Sorry, but I can't see this as progress and find it quite surprising. It is not uncommon to have railings either side of the road near to a pelican crossing. It encourages people within a certain distance of the crossing to actually use it, rather than jay-walk.

Any unsightliness of the railings was more than made up for by the planters. I think that they added more character to that part of the street than the railings detracted.

The resulting reduction in safety by removing the railings, especially for children, really puzzles me.

Geoff said...

The decision on the removal of the railings is clearly the work of the Job Justification department, an essential local government department who essentially have nothing to do other than justify what they are doing. In a couple of years time we will see the railings re-installed when the Job Justification department decides to widen Central Road again as a part of the coordinated re-coordination of the current uncoordinated works. And why is it necessary to describe these works as "essential works". Does this mean that they carry out unessential works? The sad thing is they probably do, but then they do need to justify their jobs !!

Rick said...

Phillip’s comment is well-informed, flawless common sense, which only a cantankerous fool would disagree with. … I’m sure they’ll be one along shortly – probably several.

Jan Cunningham said...

I DON'T CARE ABOUT RAILINGS. What I care about on this blog is that I have to email the controlling person who runs this blog if I want to raise a new topic. Stoppitt.

This link is about Appleby House Care home in epsom and my Mum's court case - read if you are interested = if this gets published after what I have said about said controlling person I will be surprised and pleased

Nichu said...


You could set up your own blog, then you can publish whatever you like.

Ian Morris said...

Does anyone else feel that the new yellow paving slabs look a bit wrong by the way that they just sort of randomly stop (presumably that is where the money ran out) just past Lloyds bank on one side and sort of halfway past Barclays on the other. I think they'd have looked more impressive if they had at least continued both sides up to say the junction of Longfelolow/Waitrose. Instead it looks a bit like a cowboy builder has done half a job and done a runner.

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