Sunday, 23 January 2011


The first part of the 'Streets For People' improvement works to Worcester Park has taken place, with the removal of those hideous railings around the pedestrian crossing in Central Road (outside Costa Coffee / One Stop Party Shop).

I must admit I was a bit cynical (no, really!) about whether TFL's money would be well spend in this 'decluttering' exercise, but I have to say the simple act of removing the railings has made Central Road look a whole lot better already. So far so good.

Blog reader Ann is also pleased to see the back of the railings:

"Isn't it wonderful to see all those horrible railings taken away, the road has started to look the way is was years ago when I first moved here."
The only thing I do miss, though, are the planters that were put on the railings just over a year ago (let's hope they will be re-used elsewhere locally, so our council taxes won't have been completely wasted on purchasing them).