Friday, 3 December 2010

Scout Going Out

Scout leaders and adult members form 4th Worcester Park Scout Group in Braemar Road have proved to be true local heroes over the last three days, volunteering in the snow, helping out the emergency services and ensuring the elderly and vulnerable are cared for during the severe weather. 

The group, which runs, have been assisting Surrey Police in moving staff around and getting them to and from work, have helped the Police with the search for a vulnerable missing person and have come to the rescue of Sutton's Meals on Wheels service, ensuring the housebound elderly get hot meals.

Meals On Wheels manager Carl Grigg said:

"Thanks from myself, Sutton old persons welfare committee, Sutton Meals on Wheels and all the Vulnerable old people you helped feed.
We have fantastic volunteers who normally do the work but today they needed some help. Thanks again."
The volunteers will remain on standby and ready to help until the snow has gone.

Three cheers for our Worcester Park local heroes. Hip hip.....