Friday, 24 December 2010

Parcel Farce?

Have you noticed a distinct lack of post through your doors yesterday and today? If so, I may have the answer courtesy of one blog reader who e-mailed to tell me:

"Apparently all the Worcester Park posties were told in a meeting yesterday not to deliver any more letters yesterday and today as packets and parcels had to take priority.  A minority (including ours) have refused to obey this order and are thankfully delivering both but many haven’t, so lots of people can expect to receive no mail for a couple of days in the run up to Christmas.  

As I run a business it’s essential that I receive all types of mail, not just what royal mail management deem important. Our postman found it unbelievable that they could be told not to deliver letters for two days before Christmas."

Has the lack of post been affecting you?

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Geoff said...

No, everything arrives OK

Anonymous said...

the postman can't seem to do right for wrong around here. if they had of taken only letters and small packets out yesterday then you would all be moaning about the postmen when all the presents you have ordered online didn't get to you on time for christmas.
they work hard in all weathers to get your post to you so give them a bit of slack. from what i've heard they are short staffed there due to cuts which doesn't help anyone in the run up to christmas

Merry Christmas

LetterFromSanta said...

We didn't have any post of any description for over a week but received parcels and letters thursday and today. We blamed it on the snow. Still expecting presents to arrive after xmas anyway but what can you do?

Perhaps the sorting office could ring me when I have some post and i'll be happy to go and collect it every morning on my way to the station. It'll save them the job.

On a related note I saw a Postman in shorts in the snow. Dedication.

Jalyn said...

The problem here is not with the postmen, surely it is with the management who seem to think it's ok not to deliver letters. Both parcels and letters should be going out not one or the other. If they can't cope with demand then why are they cutting jobs / hours? We pay for a service, and if you pay for first class post then this is what you should get as a customer otherwise we might all as well send everything second class. I value our postman very much and think they do a good job under very difficult working conditions.

Parcels said...

The winter this year in the UK was really bad for parcel delivery or anything of the sort - the weather stops cars just as much as it stops the delivery service - you can't get into work, neither can they.

That said, if you use regular post, this is the sort of thing you'd come to expect with poor weather etc. - if you use a courier service instead you can often end up still getting your items delivered in time despite the weather, they go that extra mile, because you paid that bit more, to make sure it gets there. Just my £0.02.

Nichu said...

We had no problems with Royal Mail during the snowy weather. Getting a parcel delivered by UPS was like pulling teeth, on the other hand. Having made its way across most of snow-affected Britain with no problems, it was only the short journey from Croydon to WP which prompted them to dig out the poor weather excuse (the snow had long since melted). At least with Royal Mail you can just nip down the road and pick up your parcel in person. We would have opted for Royal Mail, but the vendor didn't offer the choice.

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