Friday, 24 December 2010

Parcel Farce?

Have you noticed a distinct lack of post through your doors yesterday and today? If so, I may have the answer courtesy of one blog reader who e-mailed to tell me:

"Apparently all the Worcester Park posties were told in a meeting yesterday not to deliver any more letters yesterday and today as packets and parcels had to take priority.  A minority (including ours) have refused to obey this order and are thankfully delivering both but many haven’t, so lots of people can expect to receive no mail for a couple of days in the run up to Christmas.  

As I run a business it’s essential that I receive all types of mail, not just what royal mail management deem important. Our postman found it unbelievable that they could be told not to deliver letters for two days before Christmas."

Has the lack of post been affecting you?