Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Ass For Help

This has to rank amongst my all time favourite e-mails to the Worcester Park Blog. The Reverend William Rogers contacted me yesterday to ask:

"...if anyone has or knows of a donkey that could be used in a church service in Wimbledon at 4pm on Christmas Eve? We have used a donkey from Worcester Park before but we have lost the contact details!!"
Lost the contact details for a donkey? Eeyore-to take more care in future! But if you can help Rev Rogers with his donkey quest, just e-mule me and I will pass the details on to him. 

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Ian Morris said...

I work with a 64 year old donkey if thats any help

Anonymous said...

My wife has a fine ass but it is not available for hire!

Anonymous said...

Here are the contact details for the elusive donkey type creature -

Mr Don Keyhoteh
Windmule Drive
Worsasster Park
KTeeyore 8AB

Hope that helps.

santa said...

plenty of overworked donkeys down at the delivery office in green lane also lots of heros delivering out in the latest blizzards to hit kt4 nice job guys!!!

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