Friday, 26 November 2010

That Was The Night That Was

I'm just  back from enjoying this year's Christmas Late Night.

So good to see so many people out enjoying themselves, listen to some great festive music from the local choirs and bands and enjoy what the local traders had to offer.

Did you all have fun?

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Anne said...

The night was great for the kids, it was lovely they really had fun. It's just great to see their eyes light up in front of those rides. Wonderful atmosphere!

However....since this is a family event....since the whole point is to increase the amount of people visiting the shops in the high street, I am slightly surprised AND annoyed (if not furious) when I was refused entry into the nearby Midas Touch. I had children! Oh god, what an horror! A woman with a buggy....yuck, yuck, yuck! They threw me out, me and a very disappointed 4 year old who was also there to celebrate his daddy's birthday (yes families do that!) and a frozen baby in her buggy. They have managed to completely spoil an evening that was sooooo nice and full of festive spirits!
When is Worcester Park finally going to understand that we live in a family residential area and that by excluding families from your pubs you are excluding the majority of the residents?????? Yes, we can come without our children....but what if we want to go out as a family....what if we want to enjoy a relaxing glass of wine and spend some quality time with our children???? No impossible, you've got to "hide" behind your door after 7PM. It infuriates me!!!! We are parents and proud of it, we love our children to bits but it doesn't mean that we're not allowed a life after 7PM!!! And how are our children suppose to learn how to behave if we don't let them experience the odd "night out" (well since they were both in bed by 8.30, I wouldn't call that a "night" really anyway lol).
Am I the only one who feels shut off from the world because I have children?

Katie Four said...

I enjoyed it. Good fun (a bit cold) and nice to see Worcester Park come alive.

It would have been nice though if the traders had made a bit more of an effort. The Avventura restaurant were great the way they opened up their frontage and had food samples, chocolates, raffles etc. which was great way of drumming up business. Few other traders really seemed to bother doing anything special other than opening late and hoping we would all flock in, but I guess that's their choice.

But overall it was a good evening. I enjoyed it, my kids had fun, it was a great little community event.

Mustn't grumble!

Anonymous said...

Up one side of the road, then down the other side in about 8 minutes. Nothing was open except charity shops and christmas shop - it was good for the kids, but horrendous for grown ups who had to walk in the road risking life and limb to get past families waiting for rides - not really worth all the hard work by the organisers.

WPK said...

Disgusted by the total lack of any warm alcoholic beverages :)

Bah Humbug! said...

Very good point, Anne and very well made. Clearly, the landlord of the Midas Touch should have immediately thrown his customers out, in order to make room for your buggy. Complain to Paul Burstow, MP.

When are traders and residents going to learn that KT4 is not simply a residential area or even a family residential area? This is a VIP area, exclusively reserved for those with at least one buggy!

The shops and streets were only designed for and are only big enough for those who own buggies - not all the other riff raff living and working here, who by the way, aren’t entitled to celebrate Christmas.

Last night, there were many buggy-less parents with children trespassing all along the pavements and joining in with the festivities. And worst of all, local police not only failed to act, but even entered into the spirit of the occasion!

Someone's Mum said...

Sorry Anne, but the Midas Touch on a Friday night is completely inappropriate to take young children to. It is family friendly during the day and at weekends but is far more of a club/bar (complete with bouncers) on a Friday evening.

I have young children and I take them to cafes, and restaurants in Worcester Park but during the day time (including Midas) but it is wholly inappropriate to think that this venue is the place for kids on a Friday evening.

There are times for children in pubs, and times for adults only.

As a responsibly parent I recognise that I do not have the god-given right to turn up with kids at any venue at any time of day or night and demand entry.

I think the Midas Touch did just the right thing in refusing entry and the only thing your rant has highlighted is your very dubious parental decisions on what children should be doing in an adult-oriented venue on a Friday night.

Gordo's neighbour said...

Perhaps Anne wasn't aware of the goings-on at MT on Friday nights, Someone's Mom - let's not be too hasty in accusing anyone of dubious parental decisions.

I remember when the Midas Touch reopened and the consternation on here when they proudly announced that they would be encouraging parents to bring their young children in during the day. Certainly my young family and I are big fans of weekend lunches at the MT.

However, I have also been there on a Friday night and the theme changes - last time I was there, they even had a DJ and dancing. I can understand why they wouldn't admit kids. Sorry Anne, next year, assuming it'll be a Saturday night, have daddy's birthday dinner at one of the many family friendly restaurants on the high street instead. Pizza Express if you must, but I strongly recommend Avventura.

Anonymous said...

I also thought it was great that Avventura opened up the front of the restaurant to sell pizza slices, chocolates and drinks. The Vin Bin wine tasting and hot chicken wings on another stand were good too. It would be nice to see this kind of thing more often not just at Christmas time. It's great having some stalls out on the street selling things.

Anne said...

Hum, well I'm sorry. My parental skills are not to be put in question here (thank you Gordo's Neighbour!) so keep those comments to yourself, it's plain rude and uncalled for, thank you very much!!! I enjoy taking my kids out everywhere along with me. I was actually not aware at all that this place was being transformed at nights in an adult only club type of place. I just thought I could chill out in a warm place for an hour....+ the place was empty! My mistake, sorry!

Just to make people understand:
1/ I rarely go out
2/ I rarely drink and never more than a glass (so don't think I'm a piss artist who drags along unwilling children in her drinking habits)
3/ I'm French (no insult there thanks!) and because of my education and my own cultural background I'm used to being surrounded by children and families in every restaurants and cafes where I go even when I was a young single independent child free woman....and it never bothered me because that's just the way things are and we consider it normal. That's the reason why I felt insulted yesterday...lack of habit I suppose, lack of understanding of a culture perhaps.


Ps: I love Worcester Park and I love living here and being part of its community that has welcomed me with open arms. That pub thing is just the ONE thing that frustrates me.

Anonymous said...

I've lived in Worcester Park most of my life, and really like it here.

However it wasn't until I had children that I noticed the negative attitude towards families with young kids.

Thank goodness for a European influence arriving in Worcester Park and allowing families with young children to actually be part of society instead of being shunned away as some kind of nuisance.

The evening was well put on and congratualations to all involved, their hard work should definitely be rewarded.

But I have to say that noticeably not all shops participated, and the overall feeling wasn't very festive. We only have to look up the road to Kingston to see how a town can be very festive and get everyone in the mood.

I'd love to see a Christmas market put on here in the future, rather than cheap thrill carnival rides clogging the entire area up.

Jeff said...

Anne, don't worry about Bah Humbug and Anne's dumb comments, I agree you'd think that for One Friday Night Only on 'WP Christmas Late Night' Midas Touch would open its doors to all comers of all ages in the spirit of goodwill - or at least put up a notice outside saying 'Sorry, no under 18s on Friday Club night - Families welcome all other times' to avoid the embarrassment of family groups being shown the exit.
I have a feeling that before too many Christmas's pass Midas Touch will be having a major makeover and reinvent itself as a traditional British pub with good food perhaps renamed...'The Huntsman'? Stranger things have happened, remember Irish theme pubs, whatever happened to them?

Anonymous said...

Hi Everybody
Thaks for your comments on the Late Night.
Believe me, it was not for the want of trying to get everybody to open, quite a few did and I hope that you will all note the ones that participated and sponsored the event and indulge them with your custom in future, they are the ones that care.
Ypou will have noticed that NOT ONE multiple bothered to open or sponsor the event nd of those that did open all but one paid or helped pay for the evening ( Shame about the Seasonal Shops)
At least this year we had more of a community appeal from the schools and churches etc.

Some of us care and appreciate your custom throughout the year I promise

Terry Dobbs
Organiser W.P.Traders Assn

The VinBin said...

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to say a big thank you to Terry, for organising Friday late night shopping, Worcester Park blog for covering the event and everyone involved in making it a great evening.

We are a new wine shop/off licence at the top end of the Worcester Park High Street and it was a great opportunity to present ourselves and our wines to Worcester Park’s residents.

We had a great time, minus the freeze, and a great response!

Many thanks again to everyone for putting this event together.

The VinBin

David Hendy said...

Anne, next time you want a relaxing glass of wine on our Christmas late night, pop into Hendy's jewellers, you will be most welcome as will your children, my daughters Ruby and Scarlett will look forward to sharing our goody bags with them as you enjoy a glass of vin rouge.


Gordo's neighbour said...


The Midas Touch has done a great job in its post-Huntsman reincarnation. It serves great food for great value prices. Very kid friendly (the/one of the owner(s) had her first kid some months back herself). We had a great time with our very young kids when we did a Saturday lunch there the first time ages ago, but we did mention to her that providing leafy salads with the kids' meals were challenging as many one- and four- year olds struggle with these (in my humble experience) - the next time we were there, it was peas and carrots etc.

I've also had great adults-only nights there with my neigbours. I'm not a great fan of the decor, and it still hasn't got the charm that would make it stand out as a great pub, but the place certainly has enough going about it for me to want to go back with the family and with the lads/lasses. Our previous local, the WP Tavern, didn't allow kids in and certainly didn't do good food.

As for a One Friday Night Only on 'WP Christmas Late Night', if it was empty as Anne says, it appears to have missed a trick.

Finally, on the supposed negative attitude towards parents with (young) kids, I really must say it's not something I experience in our daily lives in WP. Every restaurant we've been too has been accommodating, apart from the WP Tavern (but even they were very polite about it - actually let us finish our meal as they'd served us 'in error'). Our kids get positive reactions from many of the elder residents of WP, in restaurants and in the high-street...

The only hostility I've encountered has been from comments posted on here.

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