Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Scout's Honour

In response to yesterday's blog post about noise from the 4th Worcester Park Scout HQ in Braemar Road, Chris Vickers - 4th Worcester Park Scout Active Support Manager told the blog:

"I like to point a few things out here about what went on at the 4th WP scout hut. On the Saturday night we held a fundraising event. We need to raise funds in order to sustain the amazing things the group does for its 200+ young people. 

If we dont raise these funds there wouldn't be a group, which would mean these young people would be getting up to all sorts of mischief. I would also like to point out that the music was off just gone 11pm then all the guests left on the Saturday night. 

Then unlike the original comment the next event was on the Monday not the Sunday. This event happened to be my wedding reception so my personal apologies for any inconvenience caused but i would like to say this: 

I made every effort to keep noise to minimum and this included a super silent generator - we couldn't hear it in the marquee so it did what it said on the tin. Dance floor PA system designed to be loud on the dance floor and quite off it - we had a few teething problems with the bass at the beginning of the night but once these were sorted it was amazingly efficient. 

With the last song once again at just gone 11pm we were by no means going on all night. As for the bouncer on the gate - well this was a friend or my cousin who operates a security firm specialising in the close protection of both celebrities and the wealthy - this body gaurd who was a very nice lady was purely there to keep the riff raff out from my wedding. 

I would also like to point out that both events were fully licensed by the council. I am a leader at the scout group and so is my wife. We give an awful lot of our time for free to the group as do all the other leaders and is it so wrong to allow them to use our wedding reception marquee for a fundraising event the weekend of our wedding in order to keep their costs down? 

How many nights of the year do we really cause that much of a nuisance to local residents while providing activities for young people and giving up our time free of charge? 

I again apologise for the nuisance but please get the facts right before we plast them all over the internet."

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Anonymous said...

Chris - I found the original comments a bit surprising. I feel a lot happier with some noise coming from a scout hut than I do from certain neighbours.

Thanks for giving your time back to the community,
and congratulations on your marriage :)

Andrew said...

Good on you Chris. I have no connection with any scouting groups, but have long held the opinion that scout leaders are the unsung heros of our society. I hope that by the time my kids are old enough you're still running your group. I'd love to send them along.

Anonymous said...

yeah i will be sending mine along too, scouts are important to the youth, teaches them all sorts of stuff to be self sufficient, did me the world of good when i was growing up.

Chris Vickers said...

Thank you for your supportive comments.

Dont forget to keep an eye out for our posters and banners for future fundraising events that involve the local community.

Our website has details of them too.

We have Auctions, Fireworks Night, Christmas Bazzar and plenty more so come along and spend some money! :-)

thanks again


Anonymous said...

Since when has scouting been provided "free of charge"??
All scouts pay termly subs.
You may be a leader for free, but it is certainly not free for children to take part.

Leslie Button - ADC(Scouts), Sutton District said...

To "Anonymous". Chris never said that Scouting was free of charge to the young people. He said that he (like all volunteer Scout Leaders) gives his time free of charge.

The "termly subs" are only a contribution towards the running of the Group. The costs of running a Scout Group far exceed the amounts received from subscriptions. They do not cover the costs of maintaining halls, running minibuses, purchase and maintenance of camping equipment, heating, lighting, insurance etc. These can only be met by significant fund raising. Without this, the subscriptions would be extremely expensive and would put the cost of Scouting out of the reach of all but the very rich.

The community should support all Scout events - regardless of whether they have sons or daughters in the group, since the benefit to the community as a whole by having young people doing Scouting rather than hanging around on street corners simply cannot be measured.

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