Monday, 22 November 2010

Planting Evidence

I do love a good conspiracy theory and so, it seems, does blog reader Liz:

"As I trekked past Malden Green this morning I noted some spindly saplings planted close to where the poplar trees were decimated.

When I got in I checked the Kingston Council website and the voting page for the type of tree is still operating, so I wonder what has been planted and if the voting website was just to keep us tree lovers otherwise occupied?"

The mys-tree deepens.

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The Parkerilla said...

Let's hope Kingston Council isn't charging £1.50 per vote (mobile phone users may incur additional charges from their provider). So at exactly what point will votes subsequently submitted not count in the tally Kingston Council? I can see this all ending in tears.

Anonymous said...

What? The council only pulled up one in every ten trees...?

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