Monday, 1 November 2010

Night Cubs?

Murmurings of discontent have reached the blog from a local resident concerned about merry-making at the 4th Worcester Park Scout HQ in Braemar Road:

"One Saturday night the sky was lit up by a number of exterior lights and there was a very loud PA. This happened again the following night and continued to 11pm. The noise could be heard through locked doors 2 streets away. 

They had a bouncer on the gate on the second night -  a particularly surly chap, who said that it was a private party. Is it becoming the new local Wembley Stadium? Twice in 3 nights is a concern..."

I must admit that when I was sat out late last summer enjoying the Dave Marion band's concert at the Scout HQ I did (for a very brief moment) pity their immediate neighbours - especially those trying to get children off to sleep.

But there's little else in the way of entertainment in Worcester Park, so I'm sure the occasional night of disruption won't hurt too much.

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Anonymous said...

Well I would never moan about people having fun as we all need a bit of that every now and again! However, the music was ridiculously loud on Saturday night and went on past midnight. I am a couple of streets away from the Scouts and with 2 young children, so had a really horrible night as they couldn't sleep. Therefore we also didn't have a great Sunday as everyone was so ratty from lack of sleep :-(

Group Scout Leader said...

As per comments above,
the music on saturday finished by 11:30 - i was there.
The music on Monday finished at 11pm and the "surely chap" on the gates was a polite young lady - who was SIA registered.
Both events had a license an were controlled and risk assessed. The saturday event helped raise nearly £1000 for our funds and the monday event was a private celebration for two of our very committed members.
The group has been present in WP for over 75 years and has to hold fundraising activites to remain active for our 200 young people who attend every week.
Unfortunately one of the WP residents felt it appropriate to threaten the staff and another called me to complain without the decency of giveing me a name or number to reply to his concerns. We are the Scouts - not the mafia....

Anonymous said...

The scouts, putting the DB back into DiB DiB DiB, DoB DoB DoB :)

Anonymous said...

Music was far too loud, no consideration for local residents, last time I looked at the time it was half past 12 and still going strong. Have complained to the council.

thexfactor said...

I live 1 street away from the hut, and in 25 years or living here, I cant say that I have every had a problem with the Scouts!

I really dont understand the small mindedness of some people! If it was a regular occurrence then I could understand! But one night out of the year!

May I assume that it is 'Anonymous' children that were out tricker-or-treating Sunday evening that kept knocking at my door and disturbing me from X Factor? Maybe I should complain ?!?! Any suggestions ??? Dare I even complain to Costa about the amount of pushchairs in there coffee shop !??

No, because its not worth worrying about!

Chris Congratulations and Well done to you and your kids on doing a fatastic job!

Andrew said...

To the second Anonymous, please don't be so unbelievably miserable and sociapathic!

And next time you forget to put your clock back an hour for the change to GMT, don't publicise it on the Blog.

Anonymous said...

To the first anonymous - sorry to be pedantic but it's DYB (Do your best) and not DIB.

Chris Vickers said...

Dear anonymous,

you must be the mystery caller who hasnt got the courage to let us know who you are ant talk about you concernes face to face.

You are also a bare faced liar. There was nobody on site after midnight apart from myself and security.

And you can rest assured there was no music after 1130pm as there WAS NOBODY THERE so how the party was going on till gone 1230pm is a mystery to all involved - are you sure your tv wasnt on in another room?

We dont appreciated you small minded lies and if you could have the decency to come forward and talk about it then maybe we could help?

Just so you know - both event were fully licence by the council and both were well within the licence parameters for times and noise so im not sure what you want the council to do for you?

You know where and who we are if you wish to talk about it like adults instead of whining children.

Anonymous said...

Get a life - anonymous!

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