Monday, 1 November 2010

Night Cubs?

Murmurings of discontent have reached the blog from a local resident concerned about merry-making at the 4th Worcester Park Scout HQ in Braemar Road:

"One Saturday night the sky was lit up by a number of exterior lights and there was a very loud PA. This happened again the following night and continued to 11pm. The noise could be heard through locked doors 2 streets away. 

They had a bouncer on the gate on the second night -  a particularly surly chap, who said that it was a private party. Is it becoming the new local Wembley Stadium? Twice in 3 nights is a concern..."

I must admit that when I was sat out late last summer enjoying the Dave Marion band's concert at the Scout HQ I did (for a very brief moment) pity their immediate neighbours - especially those trying to get children off to sleep.

But there's little else in the way of entertainment in Worcester Park, so I'm sure the occasional night of disruption won't hurt too much.