Friday, 19 November 2010

Mum's The Word

For fear of reigniting the perennial Worcester Park Blog debate over Mums, babies and prams in Costa Coffee (see this blog post and also this one), blog reader and new Worcester Park resident LS has e-mailed me to enquire:

"We just moved into Worcester Park area and we really love the place and people! I just wanted to ask what all the mums with babies and toddlers do during the day? Is there any coffee shop for mums with a soft play area for children? I have heard there was one – what has happened to it?"

She is referring, of course, to what was Cafe Kinder in Central Road which closed its doors some years back (there was a further brief attempt at similar venture in the Knightwood Estates/Furniture premises).

So what advice would any fellow blog readers with toddlers have for LS about where to take and how to entertain your little cherubs in Worcester Parl?