Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Donnington Road, 1944

Can anyone with a knowledge of Worcester Park history help ex-pat David with his quest for information on a bomb which fell on Worcester Park in 1944? Davvid writes:

"I'm an old geezer who many years ago (about seventy.) lived and went to school in Worcester Park. Our family moved to number 43 Donnington Road in 1938 and owned the house until about 1958 when my mother moved to Eastbourne.

I have lived in Scandinavia, both Norway and Sweden (where I now live) for 45 years.

I have recently started to write about my life including, of course, my boyhood in Worcester Park and am now seeking information about the buzzbomb that fell in 1944 at the junction of Donnington Road and Windsor Road.

I was twelve years old at the time and my brother Bob, eight and when the bomb fell we were evacuated to Stalybridge near Manchester. My sister, who was fourteen, was at home alone and saved herself by creeping under our Morrison shelter and covering her head with her arms. She remembers the event but cannot place it in time.

I am grateful for any information that anyone can give me."
If you have any information for David please post a comment below (or e-mail me on the address at the top of the blog and I'll pass your e-mail on to him).