Monday, 8 November 2010

Bus Fuss

Can you help blog reader Richard solve the riddle of the empty buses?

"I would like to know why when I am waiting for either a 213 or 151 to take me me towards Sutton, a 151 will come down Central Road 'out of service' and then come back from Worcester Park station still 'out of service' and with the same driver! This happens a lot and is very frustrating !!
I have spoken to a couple of drivers about this but they were very evasive and i couldn't get a straight answer..."

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Geoff said...

It saves time

Anonymous said...

Typical of bus drivers and they bully boy tactics like little hitlers.

Anonymous said...

I've seen a 93 come down Central Road 'out of service' and then change to a 151 and start taking passengers outside the station. I don't understand why they run it 'out of service' down Central Road. Why not just run the 93 to Worcester Park Station instead of terminating at North Cheam ... There's also the X26 which goes through Worcester Park usually so full you can't get a seat and then there's the S3 which is virtually empty all the time (although TFL has just done a review on that: I think a review of all our local bus services is overdue.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the 93, although the main problem for all buses is going down the hill on central road from 7-9ish in the morning, by time that I catch a bus up the hill I pass 6 or 7 213s and 151s stuck coming down. One of my Bus drivers said that it can take him over an hour to get from North Cheam to the Station. Obviously this the bus times the other way.

WPK said...

No idea why anyone would get on a bus through central road in the morning. Normally much quicker to walk!

Anonymous said...

a bus cannot drive out of service unless instructed by a controller, so if you believe it was the little hitler driver then you should report them!.. due to traffic and incidents buses run late, and they need to be put back on time. this is done by turning them or running the out of service for part of a ajourney, especially from worcester park station to sutton as they can make alot of time up this way and the route is covered by a 213.
the worst time of day to catch a bus is just after a rush hour as most of the buses will be delayed or being turned to get back on time.

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