Friday, 19 November 2010

Breaking News -Santander bank - police incident

A major police incident is underway at the Santander bank in Central Road following an incident at 13:00 today involving a cash in transit outside the premises.

Central Road has been partially closed to traffic whilst police investigate.

Blog sources tell me that thieves snatched the cash box from the G4S driver before speeding off down Central Road in a car (understood to be a silver Mini) It is not thought to have been an armed incident.

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Barbyk said...

There was also something big going on in stoneleigh park road stoneleigh this morning, loads of police and ambulances...the police had been stationed on the roundabout for a while..?????????

axlrocky said...

its like Dog Day Afternoon! what could the list of demands from the robbers be - an X26 to take the hostages to the airport and a jet fuelled and ready to go!

Mr B said...

Don't forget the Kentucky with that jet.

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