Saturday, 30 October 2010

Please Choose From The Following Tree Options

Europaea Pallida

Quercus Palustris

So, Kingston Council has rummaged down the back of the sofa and has all of sudden found funding to replace the trees it chopped down on Malden Green last week and is asking you to vote for your choice of replacement.

Is this Kingston proving its green credentials, or a belated attempt to make up for its maladroit handling and failure to consult with local residents in the run up to the tree felling?

I'll let you decide that one. In the meantime you can visit a special page on Kingston Council's website to find out more information and to vote for the species of tree you would like planted along Malden Green (they should have called it the Oaks Factor... fnarr fnarr).

The two finalists are Europaea Pallida (from the lime family) and Quercus Palustris (from the oak family)

Now, the problem  is I like Europaea Pallida but then again I also like Quercus Palustris. But which is best?

There's only one way to find out........