Saturday, 30 October 2010

Please Choose From The Following Tree Options

Europaea Pallida

Quercus Palustris

So, Kingston Council has rummaged down the back of the sofa and has all of sudden found funding to replace the trees it chopped down on Malden Green last week and is asking you to vote for your choice of replacement.

Is this Kingston proving its green credentials, or a belated attempt to make up for its maladroit handling and failure to consult with local residents in the run up to the tree felling?

I'll let you decide that one. In the meantime you can visit a special page on Kingston Council's website to find out more information and to vote for the species of tree you would like planted along Malden Green (they should have called it the Oaks Factor... fnarr fnarr).

The two finalists are Europaea Pallida (from the lime family) and Quercus Palustris (from the oak family)

Now, the problem  is I like Europaea Pallida but then again I also like Quercus Palustris. But which is best?

There's only one way to find out........

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Adam said...

I voted Europaea Pallida, but I hope they grow bigger then the ones pictured above :S

P Wood said...

Fair enough, if the poplars are diseased they've got no choice but to cut them down.
It seems they are thankfully going to replant.
I have voted on Kingston council site for the Quercus variety.
Get planting Kingston council!

Mr B said...

I'm personally miffed!
Yes I agree they looked quite diseased fair enough.
But as we know they were iconic, which is now more noticeable than ever. But look at the snobbery! "Here you go people we have scratched around and we will replace the trees, But pick from these two! choice A a regular non iconic tree that in the summer when walking by your feet can stick to the secreted aphid fluids. We all want to wait under the bus stop there then. Choice B nice pretty leaves especially in autumn, nice looking tree but will never be iconic due to it never growing large enough.
Maybe im just critical at least somethings going in there.

Lord Cynic of Lindsay said...

Well said "Mr B". We don't want sappy, aphid-filled limes, nor do we want those "gay" little oaks. We want our landmark Lombardies back !
It is clear that Lombardies are acceptable in this location as, firstly, they have been there for years, secondly, the Council has recently planted a short line of them behind one side of the original avenue, and, thirdly, in the past, as can be seen from the smaller trunked trees in the original avenue, gaps had been infilled with new trees which have since matured.

Geoff said...

I quite like it just left open.

Jacey said...

Well I'm putting my tuppenceworth in whether I can tell a tree from a shrub or not!
Something good and British please!

Lord Cynic of Lindsay said...

Further to Geoff's comment above, I had my first look at the "devastation" today. As a confirmed tree-hugger I was surprised at how I liked it open. It is fantastic that 9 of the younger poplars have been left to remind us how glorious this avenue once was, but the council has, over recent years, planted a LOT of trees behind the original lines and these are growing fast and well. The recent plantings include about 6 of the original type Lombardy poplars and a long line of planes. Geoff's suggestion needs to be carefully considered as the council's recent mass planting has taken up much of the original Malden GREEN.

Rick said...

Read Kingston Council's web page closely, quote:

"The Committee is keen to ensure that the local residents have an opportunity to choose the replacements.
The Tree Officer has selected two appropriate species for the location.
Option 1 Tilia europaea Pallida
Option 2 Kaiserlinden”

The problem is that I’ve "done some research" from "the perspective of long-term planning", to exactly quote the poplar haters, and found that Tilia europaea Pallida and Kaiserlinden ARE EXACTLY THE SAME TREE!

Since this council resolutely maintains it's Tree Officer doesn’t make mistakes and this council’s Tree Officer maintains the council doesn’t make mistakes, can either describe the difference between the above, identical, options?

Failing that, I'm sure coffee man, their faithful, subservient fan, can shed some light on this, since he claims to have a unique insight into the council's decisions and actions.

Try Googling the tree names for yourself, although you might have some difficulty Googling 'Kaiserlinden' as the rest of the world actually insists on spelling it as 'Kaiser Linden' (naturally, everybody else must spelling it wrongly).

But on the current basis, my instincts somehow tell me Tilia europaea Pallida/Kaiserlinden is the council’s favourite, and is on track to win 100% of the popular vote. I certainly look forward to the next local elections. Perhaps we can even visualise the options:

"The Committee is keen to ensure that the local residents have an opportunity to choose the replacements.
The Returning Officer has selected two appropriate candidates for the location.
Option 1 To vote for the incumbent council.
Option 2 To re-elect the current council."

Worcester Park said...

Rick - I'm afraid have to step in and correct you. You are making a bit of big deal over what is just a simple presentational error on the Council's website.

They have made an error in the text of the two options, but from the pictures below and on the voting form ( there are clearly two distinct options which are Option 1: 'Tilia europaea Pallida, Kaiserlinden' or Option 2: 'Quercus palustris'

You can quite clearly see from the pictures on the council's web page and on this blog post that the two options are completely different trees (one is from the lime tree family, the other from the oak tree family).

Cock up? Yes. Conspiracy? No.

coffee man said...

just to put the record straight , i am not Kingston's "subservient fan" .(if you lived in this forgotten part of the Borough you would not be a subservient fan).
As for having "a unique insight into the council's decisions and actions" I don't, but i do read the committee agenda and minutes ,which are available to all to read on their website or in Old Malden library.its all part of 'open democracy' which some may not agree with ,but someone out there voted the Lib Dems in to control the council.
Like many others i read the ballot form and they are clearly 2 different trees as mentioned above.
As previously mentioned someone obviously made a typo mistake when inputting the info in on the web site item.
Yes cock up?.Conspiracy? no.

Anonymous said...

I agree with a previous comment that only Lombardies are acceptable. They looked wonderful. The choices on offer by the council are not as nice. I have sent the council an email asking why we cannot vote for Lombardies.

Mr B said...

I also sent an e-mai, but guess what. Yes, you probably guessed to date have had no reply.
Lib Dems!
love You.

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