Saturday, 2 October 2010

More Burglary Warnings

There's more worrying news on the spate of burglaries in and around the Worcester Park area with a blog reader e-mailing me with reports of further crimes in Kingsmead Avenue:

"Last night, my house in Kingsmead Avenue was the victim of an attempted break in.

When I came downstairs this morning at 8:15, I discovered the front door wide open with only the chain on. The bottom lock was completely unlocked and the top lock had been opened from the outside, but was still locked on the inside.

There was a set of house keys on a shelf near the front door, and they had disappeared - obviously they were used to open the door from the outside.

We haven't found the keys, but we have contacted the police. They came round a short time later and as it turns out, there had been another 3 similar incidents in Kingsmead Avenue at the same sort of time last night.

All of the incidents appear to be related to trying to steal car keys - we're assuming they hooked our house keys through the letter box thinking they were car keys and when they discovered they weren't, decided to try their luck at getting in the house.

Thankfully only the keys were stolen as they couldn't get in [to the house].

One of the other houses which was also the victim of an attempted break in, happens to have CCTV which records the front of their house.

The CCTV caught the people on camera - 3 men were involved. All white men - 2 commiting the break ins and the one in a car obviously to drive them away. They were in hoodies and were wearing gloves, so the police haven't been able to identify who it was. 

Another of the houses in Kingsmead Avenue did get their keys stolen. The burglars got into the car and tried to drive it off the driveway, only for them to discover the gap between to get the car out was too small as it was inbetween a wall and another car. From what I understand, both cars and the wall got damaged but they didn't manage to steal the car."

This comes as Sutton Police reveal that there has been a small but noticeable increase in the number of night-time burglaries in the borough. The thieves, as in the case of the incidents reported in Kingsmead Aveue, are looking to steal the keys of the car parked on the driveway and subsequently the vehicle itself. Entry to the house is quite often achieved by forcing or slipping the single Yale lock on the front door.

Sutton Police say they are committing plain clothes resources to catching these criminals, but in the meantime are urging all residents to ensure that they fully secure their homes and do not leave car keys in an obvious and easily accessible location.

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Ian Morris said...

At the end of July we were broken into, one Thursday night, at work (FTM, top of the high street next to The North End Tavern). They damaged the door getting in and made a bit a mess and worst of all stole our safe!! Good news is that the safe was completely empty! To be honest it all seemed a bit amateur. The following Monday someone (I wonder who) had thrown a brick at the main shop window. The neighbours reported seeing 2 people on scooters, one a male the other possibly female!

Anonymous said...

Old Malden Safer Neighbourhood Team, has this afternoon(Sunday) hand delivered a leaflet to houses in Highdown warning of the "Increase in burglaries in this area" .And advising that they have increased the number of uniform patrols in the area but householders can help by ensuring their houses are secure,with doors and windows being made secure, and not leaving keys on display to allow keys to be "fished" through letter boxes.

Anonymous said...

PS Jon Millbanks Worcester Park SNT:

We have been hit very hard over the weekend by a team of thieves stealing cars by means of burglary.

They are 'fishing' through letter boxes in order to pick up keys and then driving the cars away.

Can everyone ensure that:
1) Your vehicles are locked.
2) Your keys are not visible through your letterbox.

The team have been captured on CCTV about 0400hrs. They got out of a dark coloured car before using this method to steal the car off the drive.

We can be contacted using the normal Worcester Park number 0208 649 3590. Obviously if its happening in front of you 999.

Thank you

Jon Millbanks

Anonymous said...

We have been burgled as well. 26th of October at Cadbeck Avenue.
Car+laptops and alot of valuables gone.....including wallet and valuable watch.
No damage to the doors at all. So,I guess the same fishing method was used.

Broken J

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