Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Key Message

I make no apology for writing yet again about the recent surge in break-ins and car thefts in the Worcester Park area - indeed I would ask you to help spread the word even further around Worcester Park by telling your friends, neighbours, work colleagues and anyone you know in the area about this problem and how they can avoid falling victim to it. 

The latest information I have is that two cars were stolen in Worcester Park over the weekend. On both occasions the car keys were taken from a shelf inside the property near the front door. Police believe the thieves 'fished' for the keys via the letterbox.

In each incident, a vehicle was stolen from the driveway - a Mazda was taken from an address in Farm Way and a Ford Mondeo from Courtenay Road. 

In Kingsmead Avenue, thieves had managed to retrieve car keys from a table by the front door but they abandoned the BMW 5 series car at the property after damaging the vehicle.

You can avoid being a victim of these thieves by ensuring you car keys (and any other keys) well away from your front door - i.e. NOT on a shelf, table, or hooks near the front door. 

Police are also urging residents with uPVC doors to lock them with a key from the inside after they have lifted up the handle - to prevent the handle being pulled down through a letterbox or catflap.

Please do heed this simple advice and please please spread the word across Worcester Park before more locals fall victim to this crimewave.