Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Getting Into Rubble

A driver and passenger escaped unscathed after their car mounted the pavement and demolished a brick wall and iron railings outside Brookview Lodge retirement flats in Green Lane last night.

The incident happened just after 23:30 on Tuesday evening at the junction of Green Lane and Hazlemere Avenue. Eyewitnesses reported that both of the vehicle's airbags had deployed and the road was closed as police, ambulance and fire brigade dealt with the crash and fuel spillage.

The vehicle has been removed from the scene and police investigations are continuing.

Blog reader FatherOfChops told the blog:

"I heard it happen last night and went out to investigate. The damage was huge, they had missed the corner completely and slid along the wall of Brookview Lodge car park (on the pavement) before colliding with the end wall, at which point they were still travelling fast enough for the airbags to be deployed. 

There were 3 police cars, an ambulance and a fire crew to get rid of the spilt oil and fuel. they were very very lucky not to have been seriously injured. More to the point it was 100% luck that no one else was involved. 

It is very doubtful that any pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists would have survived had they been on that corner. I would be very surprised if he was doing less than 50mph at the moment he lost control. Green Lanes is a residential road with a school, a retirement home and a sports ground... its just unbelievable that people think they can drive that fast down there!!"