Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Shop Windows

More good news on the retail front - a lease has been signed on the former 'Mann Countrywide' estate agents premises (next to Acacia Hair & Beauty) which is to be converted into a computer repair centre - competition for Megabytes, but one fewer empty shop unit which has to be a good thing.

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WP Spur said...

Should bring a smile to the faces of those cheery chaps in Megabytes.. :-)

Anonymous said...

We always smile...well most of us! :)

Rick said...

A warm welcome and very good luck to the trader, though in the nicest possible way, I hope that I won't need the services of a computer repair centre too often.

It's really sad when a local trader closes and leaves an empty unit. The old TV repair shop on the corner is particularly noticeable and having a thriving business there would brighten up the centre of the high street.

With that thought in mind, I wondered what sort of trader do we actually genuinely miss in Worcester Park, which we would really use? Just as an example, I had the idea of an eBay drop shop - I don't know of any for miles around.

Perhaps there are some budding local entrepreneurs out there who we might be able to inspire with ideas for local businesses that we miss and would use regularly if they were around? - Just a thought!

WP_Lifer said...

It's great that another business is opening up in our high street.

However I do hope that they didn't spend too much on the sign for the shop, especially when it contains a spelling mistake.........

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